Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


screams internally


Nice edit. So fast the forums didn’t even register it. :wink:


Shhh i havent been on here in a while…


Just for anyone wondering. His original quotation looked like this:

Love ya, buddy :wink:




TFW you expose someones edit.

I remember someone who did that they loved snow leopards also. They only stopped cause they were told to but still.


What’s everyone have for headsets?


An embarrassment.


Some shitty TurtleB. I’m told they’re one of the best for gaming headsets, but the first headset I got from them was shit.

The other one is mentioned? I’ve no fucking clue but it’s great and comfortable and has great sound quality and is great and has a non-adjustible mic (which I like) and is great and it looks really good. This one is just broken. :cry:


Just go with the Spectrums. I’ll work out the kinks with you.


I remember that guy. Lovely personality.


I’ve been total many things in my time :wink:


I think that’s something he has to work out himself. It’s very much a personal journey.


Hahahaha oh how i’ve missed the forums.


Total twat? Indeed you are.


Update don’t wanna download…


What is the progress now?


3 minutes left.


Razer Kraken :sunglasses:


What’s the new update gonna do?