Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


I hate the fucking vault animations being static.

got killed cause i got flash banged by my own team while I was holding an angle… WHY


Just bought all year one operators.
Any tips and weapon suggestions?
######(and who is better than who?)


This entire post (excluding this introductory sentence) is my own opinion. Plz no trigger

Defenders best to worst: Valk, Caveira (Casual only), Echo then frost/Caveira in ranked.

Attackers best to worst: Hibana, Capitao, Buck, Blackbeard.
IMO, of course.

Caveira is a hard roamer, and playing her any other way is pretty wasteful. Either Shotgun or SMG. Both are good. Impacts are probably best to help you snake about. Complete pub stomper.

Pretty sure I’ve already covered Valk.

Barely see Frost, but you have to be unpredictable with your mats. The SMG is good if you can land headshots. Otherwise take the shotgun and hold down a close angle.

Echo is a camper, but the middle of the objective isn’t always ideal. Especially now since Fuze is so popular. Shotgun is laughable and SMG is a headshots machine. Use Yokai as another camera, the mobile eyes of your roamers or to slow a push onto site. DO NOT SPAM STUNS. They have long cool down and last 8 seconds if they target doesn’t move, 13 if the target walks and 17 if the target runs, so there is no need to spam them as they don’t stack.

Hibana is your hatch or head glitch opener. One shot opens a hatch and if you shoot 4 of the clusters you’ve given a teammate a great headglitch. Don’t know anyone who doesn’t use Type + bearing. Your mobility and reliable gun allows for hard, aggressive pushes once you’ve done your job.

Capitao is active area denial. His gadgets are most useful when securing the objective as they completely negate access to a certain area for a few seconds. Doesn’t sound like much but when you’re securing the area or you’ve planted the bomb? Those few seconds are huge. So he’s most useful towards the end of the round. For this reason it’s best not to rush in and try to stay alive, because you have the potential to concrete a win if your team can get into the obj.

BB is pretty simple. Head glitch and profit. He’s… Less useful but not completely useless. Your shield will still save your life but you need to look after it. Don’t make obnoxiously slow peeks because they’ll pummel your shield before your head is around the corner.

Buck is extremely versatile but he is extremely versatile. His gadget is useful but not game changing. This is great because you can open up holes from the floor above (to shoot cock-block gadgets or get los on the enemy) and if you die, it’s not end of the world for your team. The underbarrel shotgun also doubles as a secondary with a miniscule swap time. This means you can very quickly take out an enemy long range and then peek around a close corner with the shotgun for a second kill.

For all the Attackers the AR + throwable gadget is probably better.
For Echo, your only real choice is the SMG. Valk and Caveiras weapons are all great. For Frost, get headshots or use the shotgun.


I’ve always liked Rook/Doc for defend. Rooks got an always useful special (+1 armour) and the mp5 is good for camping in the obj. Docs similar to rook(same guns only difference is rook has impact nades) but can heal with stim darts or pick people up at range

Thatcher is a good support character if you’re learning the game. He has emp grenades so he can help with thermite or hibanas breach


Hunams are the best aminals.


Starting with attack
Ash is never a bad choice. Her guns are really nice and her ranged breach is superb. Even when used nearby it doesn’t put you in danger.
Thatcher is also never a bad choice. Their will always be things to EMP (did you know the EMP Hades disable the reticle on defender gun sights?) And he has very solid weapons.
Hibana is the same as Ash except she is specialized for reinforced walls and require a bit slower approach.
Twitch has one of the best guns on the attacking force Period.
And then to round it out, Sledge, Thermite, and Fuze are never bad choices due to how good they are.

For defenders
Jager has basically an Assault rifle, even an acog. His gadget can be useful if placed in good places.
Mute is the unsung hero. His submachine gun is surprisingly good. His gadget basically counters Fuze, Thermite, Hibana, Twitch, Jackal, anyone who uses a drone, everyone with a breach charge, and more. Also he has C4, that’s always a plus.
Rook/Doc are decent as said above, no further explaining needed.
Valk is great due to her gadget granting extra vision and he guns being pretty decent. Not a bad choice.
And finally
Tachanka, no explanation needed.


hibana didn’t immediately hit F to prevent bleeding out sadly =/



Why is this just PS4? That’s crap!
How many times is that now anyway?



Don’t suppose they fixed cross-region?


You know what I hate the most? I am a level like 35 and I get enemies that are level 100 and higher


They actually did.


Level really means nothing.


Yes but you know you’re most likely going to lose as they have played more than you. I always get paired with idiots for teammates when I solo queue and I usually have no friend online that play it


Carry me.


I’ll be on in an hour.


BTW, I’m using a really shitty headset atm. Should be fine for anyone listening to me but I can’t hear shit. Directional sound is fucked and and I can’t here anything coming at 90 degrees to the right of where I’m facing.


I’m used to being people’s ears.


My last headset was so good :disappointed_relieved: I could hear the stars twinkling. Still amazing for solo queue but there’s just a shit ton of ear rape for anyone listening to me.