Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


I don’t find it to be as consistent.


Consistent enough for me not planning on firing large bursts only 2-4 rounds at a time and it kicks up enough that a just below neck will hit the chin on the second to third shot generally.


I’ll keep you updated on my progress :wink:


Dude, I was diamond last season, got over 4500, and I can’t get out. Gold guys suck so much.


Damn. I wouldn’t say I’m great at my game myself anyway, so far the games have been going well


I am terrible at this game but I love it xD

Possibly because @jynx680 makes a lot of the bad moments funny. Also I make a bunch of bad moments funny.


Yeah I’m not very good I’m like low gold high silver but I also don’t try to improve lol.


No like I am the embodiment of Noob ask Jynx


Dont you love it when teammates make you fail thus you’re put into Bronze (Or copper, whatever the rank under silver is)?
Because I love it when teammates leave the defused at spawn. -deep breath-


I usually make light of bad situations. If I get angry, I laugh it off, or act pissed off in a funny way. CSGO gave me a hint of saltiness in my gaming experience, I won’t let it ruin me


I love when I drop the Defuser before I peek so in the event that I die I don’t drop it in their LoS (and it doesn’t notify them that it’s there) and a teammate picks it up and just goes Leroy Jenkins mode and loses it in the middle of the site.

Best feeling.


I prefer that over someone rushing into the building and getting killed with the defuser.


I also failed to mention 9 times out of 10 they are alone.
So someone has to run to the other spawn so that they can get the defuser.


God fucking damnit just died because an IQ swings in I prefire and start landing shots as shes coming in and is about to land and then she lands bounces forward 3 feet and headshots me like what the ever loving fuck.

Melee the back of a montagne get blood spray he survives then headshots me with a hipfire kill cam shows me meleeing randomly infront of him fix your god damn shit ubi…


Man, I love this game so much but the servers are so far away from Chile it’s impossible to get decent ping anywhere… Solid 200 ms all the time, damn.

I’d be so good at it if I didn’t get killed the nanosecond after someone sees me. The killcam shows they had LOS of me for 3 solid seconds. I’ll just play Fuze and Kapkan and hope for the best.


I swear I was playing Montagne a while ago and this recruit comes at me and we start a melee duel; I hear my swing connect with a nice thump and… it… didn’tREGISTERDAMMIT. Next thing I knew I was looking at the drone feed.


Any Jager tips? @Shunty I know he’s your guy, right?


Aim and shoot. Don’t miss.

OK, for realsies now. Are you asking about ADS placements, load out or the way he should be for the most effect?


Place ADS’s away from hatches and windows. Put two, if playing bomb, in the objective that’s the most open, wood ceiling, lots of windows. Make sure to run barbed wire and the Carbine. Roam until one of your teammates dies or a push into objective has started, usually via a thermite breach.


Oh oh! I main him too!

Roam. Put Jager drones under windows. That is all thanks.

Or not. Thanks shunty.

I always place 1 just Incase of dickhead fuze.