Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


There’s literally no customization with Recruit.


If that is too much for you then I don’t even know how you will be able to pick an operator after you unlock them all.


team killed the hostage twice…


You can go different things for either defend or attack, there are multiple different factions each with their own different primaries and secondaries you have multiple choices for your grenade and others. Ugh there is to much to choose from. The only way I manage with the other operators is that I had time to mess around but with recruit there is a lot more to mess around with as he is different depending on what side you are on! I have to figure out the right gun the right specs and add on’s. Ugh I hate being very specific with what I do


Or you can just go Fuze, don’t even need a gun!


GSG-9 Recruit. 552 commando on attack, 416-C on defence



Recruit Rush is best Rush! :thumbsup:


@Shunty Sunflower? :wink:


I is of the confuse.


You no rumumber duh 5 man roosh? :fearful:


I remember the 5 man rush that turned into a one man rush as I died.


Ohh oh Jackal is becoming my jam


His C7E is godly. Best weapon in the game.


Because Canadians are the best, even when they’re weapons :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a Canadian weapon that he modified and made his own.


I’ve ranked Gold! Big step up from copper last season


Good luck getting out of it.


I was going 15 -6 12-4 13-3 amazing matches like that, got ranked in lowest gold. Like… waht? But ok, because I am continually getting 15-6 k/D games lol.


I liked his PDW a lot better. Large mag tiny recoil.