Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


8 days in a row.


lol isnt there suppose to be an update today?


I think so. Might be next week.


Always funny seeing recruit at the top of the leaderboard


You mean embarrassing for the enemy or you?


I’ve been playing recruit for the past few days its tons of fun.


Yes but you also think that a recruit is usually a noob or someone who was afk. I tend to think that. I always find it funny when a recruit who is new to the game gets higher than people who play it a lot.


Never heard of the Recruit Rush? M870?


No I haven’t


Missing out.


You should try playing recruit some time its fun.


I play him every so often I don’t find him fun tho


You don’t like running around with a shotgun + smg11 and frags/nitros?


Meh I don’t like to customize a lot


Why nawt 


I just don’t like it


but why 


I don’t like being given a bunch of choices. I always try to make the best setup for me and recruit has to many choices to take.


SAS recruit shotgun + smg 11 + nitro/grenade + barbed wire/breach charge


No thanks I don’t want to even set foot in all that customization