Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Gotta be honest I like killing Jackals.
The Hunter has become the hunted


inset Jacks voice THE JACKAL FEARS NONE!


So how does the jackal work exactly? ive seen through teammates eyes and they know what theyre doing, but im just lost as to how it works…


Apparently you tag foot prints and they ping the person dunno how long it lasts or the cd on it though.


ive seen that there are three little bars at the top, and when a ping was used, one of them went away. i have no clue how to use a ping or how fast they come back, if at all…


You activate the monitor, you can see footprints that heatsinked. This means the brighter the footprints, red, the closer they are. The opposite is for lighter/darker colors. You have the ability to scan up to three footprints. This pings the enemy you scanned, identifies them if they haven’t been spotted.


There are a total of 4 pings, one on the initial scan, then 3 over a period of 30secs.


So you stare at the footprints? thats how it works? and do they come back?


You don’t stare at them. You scan them with the action button depending on your control scheme. Should be X normally on Xbox. Once the prints are scanned they do not come back due to the amount of time between scans.


so you only have a total 3-4 scans per round?

ok, x on xbone


You only have 3 per round.





god damnit alt + enter doesn’t let you change your character anymore…


How do you eject a black mirror?


You can’t if I am correct


what do you mean by eject? Cause you can have the glass fall out if you shoot the little tank of gas. But I don’t think Mira can retrieve it and use it again like castle can.


I meant release the glass. That was all I needed to know, thanks.


Most damage sources can eject the mirror by hitting the canister, even Twitch Drones.


Just got Frost last night and can safely say she might be my new defending main


I like her. Her best place to place her traps are right underneath windows. Her SMG is just right.

And now I’m rambling on and on, having lost sight of what I was originally talking about.