Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


You don’t needs to stare at the ground to see footprints.


I’ve been doing pretty meh lately. The best game I’ve had this season is a 12-3.


I was wrong. Matchmaking is still really very incredibly shit.


It’s better though, just because more people are playing right now and everyone is in dr


Macie Jay, or something like that.


Casual though. Took 7 and a half minutes for me to find one game.


Started my placement matches to get ranked of course and guess what, because of the absolute shit matchmaking i get paired up with everyone less than level 75, who have no mics, and the entire team is a group of 95+ and are all in a party, and to top it off i would lose a teammate or 2 to server errors.

Because of all this shit i have now lost 5 of my 10 placement matches and will probably be placed in lower silver or possibly if i’m lucky Gold 4.


Well just as I feared alot of Jackals are really easy to deal with.
Popped 3 got killed by 1.
Because he didn’t scan me so I didn’t know he was near.
Still saving up for different Operators (Not G.E.O.)
######Still can’t decide…


No one roams right now. It’s very annoying.


I roam only a bit.
(usually under the objective)
I’m guessing people are just scared Jackal right now.


That they are.


I tend to roam a bunch especially as Mute as I want to set up those Jammers in good spots

But I also tend to roam Pulse also


Pulse is good if you are. I tend to roam as Smoke alot. And kind of Doc as well usually like a room or 2 away.


I always stick to objective. Also Uplay service is down for me.



Console master race



I’m actually moving to PC.


I logged into Uplay though =/


Huh. That’s strange.


and I can hop on yaaaaaaaaay time to kill some jackals and play more IQ