Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Drones do that too. But you don’t stare at footprints and gamble on which Op you’ll ping.


Drones allow for rotation. Jackal doesn’t.


I think as Jackal I’ll make my way from top floor to bottom.
All because of roamers. You can never be too sure either.


I don’t see a difference, honestly. Both are wall hack scans.


Drones can be heard, seen. A Jackal spotting your footprints is neither of this.


True. Drones can also scan more regularly and let you choose between less accurate info with no indicator to the defender or an accurate ping. Jackals warning is impossible to miss. And you can also predict the next scan and so move to make it useless if going for wallbangs.


No one roams anymore. Literally no one.


The thing with Jackal is that he can give information out without having to give any sign that you’ve gathered this information. He doesn’t have to ping or track. He can just look at footprints.


“tracking” does seem useless and also make people aware of Jackal.


It’s actually very useful. Once tracked, they get pinged 4 times over 30sec. If they don’t move, then you’ve got them easy. If they do, no character runs fast enough to get away from a pinch.


I know but they also fake directions and between pings they can just turn and “POP”.

######I think I worry too much


Then you just hold an angle and wait.



Who does this remind you of…


Obviously it reminds me of you!




I think it’s in reference to me. Which is kinda funny, because I’m currently experiencing the Gold curse.


You mean where most diamonds last season belongs? Perhaps not you but most of them.


Yeah. Luckily I’m only 40 away from Gold star. The highest rank I’ve seen currently is Plat 2. I’ll get to Diamond eventually.


It tells me person you’ve pinged that they’ve been scanned. And if you’re actually suggesting to me that walking around with your head glued to the floor is viable… Sherlock would be impressed.


Ive only played 5 games of ranked but when I played I went 13-5 11-3 and 9-2