Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Mine was around 6.5gb I think. Took 4.5 hours.


It’s more if you have the HD textures i think


I hate you and your good internet


Well that makes sense… Hd textures doubles the size of the game so it must do the same for updates! :slight_smile:


Anyone got a chance to play yet? If so, how’s the operators?


I played it but don’t have SP so can only give the perspective as someone who Jack used his gadget against. Seems like a solid gadget. But it’s hard counter is common sense. Get pinged. Move. Easy. Count roughly 10 seconds then try to make it so you are mid transit when pinged. If they’re trying to get a wall bang, they won’t. They still know where you are but, as with Caveira, sometimes knowing (as the one pinged) that you’re about to be pushed is all the info you need.


Still got 4 hours of downloading! I’ll play it tomorrow! I’m sure they are sick. The map is what I’m excited for! Anything new is Great!


I still got another hour and a half, gonna wait up until it’s done and maybe play one game


New UI is a waste of space


My internet is not good lol


Jackal is my new favorite attacking operator.


I like both of them, but Mira…

Running dual shottys is a great way to annihilate…


Maybe in lower ranks, sure. The Vector is significantly better than the primary shotgun.


Are there any YT’s that are like muselk but make funny videos of Rainbow?


Lt. Eddy Games

He does overwatch but I think he recently got into rainbow 6


Try Matimi0. He may or may not be for you but he can be funny.


Well, all I know is Teo.
#####I find him entertaining.


I give it a month. Too easy to work around tags. I barely even feel threatened. When people stop freaking out that someone knows where they are, it’ll be fine. It’s just a solo version of having a teammate drone for you.


Teo. Matimi0 is annoying and thinks he’s the greatest.


It’s all based off communication. I scan, ping goes out, my team close in and cut off.