Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


I’m gonna try to get tomorrow off for everything so I can play all day and stake my claim on Jackal.


When do the ranks reset again?


Should be tomorrow. I’m not quite sure though.


They’re making a new MM system apparently. Probably coming in the mid season reinforcement patch.


Got a lovely pic of doc from a while back


“I just killed you! What have I done? I’m a doctor not a murderer!”


Always watching


What do you mean?


Diamond rank


I need to play ranked to enjoy a game? I thought ranked makes games more stressful


Nah it’s just it can be annoying in casual or lower ranks if you’re playing with bad players


Yes I find it annoying kinda I got a story for when I get home


What BEAF said. Still, because some people get carried hard, the game can be really annoying. When you hit Diamond, there’s a specific style you play. Strats actually become a thing and game is a lot more enjoyable.


Me and my friends are really low right now, the ranks below are really messed up, like theres a lot of good people, and a lot of bad


Those people probably barely ever win or are just being placed.


Ranks at end state otherwise, hopefully it will be better for us when it resets


What rank are you?


I would REALLY prefer not to say. I ranked at bronze 4 but have dropped like a stone all in one day, and can’t get out even when I play with my friends who are still at bronze 4ish


The really low ranks are pretty screwed skill wise.


I think you mean skewed, there’s a lot of really really good players that match with us and against us who are stuck