Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Saaaaaaaaame my reflexes are like dead lol. Then every 20th match they’ll be back to what they were and it’s like 12 kills 0 deaths 2 aces


Dear god I hate Tower and the other new map.


You hate Villa, why? I quite like it personally.
Tower I can understand though, Tower is not a well designed map.

I am excited for the new version of Hereford though, and 2 new ops.


Partly cause it’s new partly cause of some of the defend locations like that tiny room with the desk

Partly cause I got it in ranked when I already wasn’t a fan of it and aren’t new maps not supposed to be in the ranked play pool?


No they changed that with I think Red Crow, or whatever the Honb Kong update was. People complained that ranked wouldn’t get the new maps until the following season and pros couldn’t practice them. So devs decided to add them straight into ranked, at least that’s what I believe it was. Could be wrong, probably am, but I know it’s been like that since at least Theme Park.


That’s dumb… new maps shouldn’t be in ranked otherwise we get Tower or Favela and other shit maps like that in ranked.

What…? How does the map not being in ranked prevent pros from practicing them?


I think because they would want to practice against regular players in ranked, so they would play on those maps without playing the new map.
I dunno, like I said I can be wrong but that’s what my memory says.


Pros practice in scrims. Even when a whole team is playing together in ranked (which is very rare) they aren’t practicing. They are running around popping heads like all of the other ranked idiots.


I get more than a little annoyed when people say BB is weak


The captain of the most successful Siege team made a petition to have Lion removed from the game.



Can we get Blackbeard and clash added to that as well?

Scratch that can we just get all shield ops removed.


I think Montagne should stay since he requires teamwork and strategy to be used well, but the rest can go


Still not a fan of the whole hip fire RNG death thing


What if all shield ops fallowed the Clash model?
Can’t use weapons unless shield is on the back.


I’d totally be down for that as long as they weren’t completely invulnerable from the front while approaching