Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Those aren’t counters.
Cav negating Jackal’s tracking is a counter, Jackal tracking any operator is just what he does.
Counters have a way to negate or take advantage of one’s gadget. Ela’s mine only is countered by Zofia, while Thatcher and Twitch can take them out but there are ways to hide the mines to where they can’t be taken out. Also don’t mention shields. That’s not something specific to one operator and to be frank they are either easy to takeout by flanking (with that 3 speed) or get a lucky kill.

And her mines are amazing. Unless you have a way to take them our beforehand, are a guaranteed handicap for the attacker while Ela runs in and shoots you.


The new Outbreak gamemode is about to be revealed and talked bout on the Rainbow 6 livestream.
Also a lot of talk about map reworks, a new banning and match system (for pro league only I think) were talked about, and plans for the future.
Club House and Hereford Base are getting a lot of changes, the latter from the ground up.
Edit: Here’s a link as to what was revealed today.




Rainbow 6 Siege is such an interesting game.
What game would continue development for 3 (I think they said 5 is the goal right now) years, with quarterly updates with new content (omitting Operation Health) and has gotten to the point where they have entire events with full CGI cutscenes and new ways to play the game.
This game is so weird compared to other games. CoD restarts every year, Overwatch takes forever to push out 1 hero when this game does 2 new operators ever quarter. Battlefield 1 takes forever to add a few maps and weapons.
And this is all from Ubisoft of all the publishers out there.


Ubisoft seems to have been really trying to earn their player’s trust back. Something that I’m hoping will set an example for other major publishers to follow.

AC games were moved to biennial releases after the quality slumped down hard from the annual releases. WD2 improved on the criticism and what was lacking from the first game. For Honor hasn’t been fully abandoned after the shirtstorm of what it was on released and they’re doing dedicated severs for them.


Ubisoft is still far from one of the good companies, but I get the feeling they are trying to change things will keeping the profits up and the board happy.


So what you’re saying is they’re gonna finally get her in a good spot :wink:

Rework of clubhouse


wat why?



idfk but apparently it’s a thing


There were issues with the map.
Also their new thing is being able to have all 4 objs be viable for both sides.
Also Hereford is getting a complete rework, ground up changes. Club house is getting a “buff”, meaning changing parts of the map.


They have not disclosed an official goal in terms of operator count nor lifetime of the game.


They have said what they want to do, but they have not said they will do it.
50-100 operators, and 5-any amount of years of support, but the trend word os 10 year support.


These are what the map changes will probably look like. Club House is still WiP so it is unfinished, and Hereford is just concept art right now.

Yacht is coming back to casual, I imagine with some small bug changes and such.


love when you see in the kill cam that someone was watching the cam above where the enemy was and didn’t ping or call it out…


Actually thoroughly enjoying Outbreak. Still don’t think it really fits into Siege but it’s damn fun. And hella good for grinding renown especially on Pandemic


They need to remove Ash from Outbreak. I get it. New cool skin, and Ela/Ash mains need someone to play, but she’s just useless. Literally brings nothing of value to the team. Her gadget is just like crap impact grenade. Her gun is nothing special and she goes down too fast.

Tachanka is also quite bad, but more useful than Ash.

Best comp for Pandemic I’ve found is Finka, Doc and Smoke. Ying also seems quite valuable. Lion is useless because after playing it for a while you already know where they are/come from. Kapkan would be good with more charges. What he does is good. He just can’t do it enough.


I fucking hate playing with people that seem to do their best to fucking lose.

Dude waits in the prone by a door far from the obj for like half the round. Then after planting he stays there for another 30 seconds then finally starts to move towards it but doesn’t even try to shoot the guy breaking the defuser.

Like ffs I’m calling out they’re breaking the defuser and they’re being pinged AND HE FUCKING ADS’S AND SLOW WALKS TOWARDS THE DOOR


Seems to be a bug with the wall cams. One of them showed no indication of being used, yet, low and behold, he was using the camera.


Oh god the thread is risen!

I’ve had some pretty bad luck recently playing R6S


I played a few games earlier for the first time in months and my reactions are terrible. People would peek into my sight and I just… Wouldn’t shoot them