Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


The worst is joining a game with 4 people premade,
they kick you if you dont load even 0.0001 sec after they did


Almost every game of Siege has contain some amount of abuse or another. Whether it’s tk, vote to kick or toxic comms etc.

It’s pretty bad


In casual I get that more, but I don’t see that in rank. Barely any toxic in my rank (when I was ranked), was more rare to see someone toxic.


I play casual and I don’t get that very often it’s like once out of ever few dozen games. The occasional accidental TK is more often than tk or vote to kick. Toxic comms isn’t that common though annoying talkers is fairly common but I just mute them. I end up muting people like once out of ever 4ish games


I’m only playing casual atm because my Internet is being patchy, and I’d say most games have some form of toxicity.


God damn lol. Ela keeps getting tiny balance changes and then they drop Twitch’s drone ammo count to 5


10 less bullets and her gadget becoming way worse is bigger than tiny, I agree that that twitch nerf was way too harsh if it was even needed in the first place.


I don’t think twitch even needed a nerf… I mean her drone is annoying yes but it’s slow and can be easily destroyed.


sure if it was a 30 round weapon but it went from 50 to 40 still more bullets than just about anyone else.

It’s still got a hard cap on your mouse sensitivity call me unimpressed by that nerf. It’s basically a guaranteed kill unless Ela hardcore potatoes and because it can be tossed anywhere you need thatcher/twitch/a grenade to get rid of it

I think it’s the fact that a twitch could take out every single gadget deployed even if you went for max deployables and still have enough ammo to take out all but 1 camera on the 3 maps with 8 cams which is the highest amount of cams.


I wondering if they are nerfing Twitch because they’ll be introducing a new operator that fills that annoying of the defender role. Twitch is more focused on taking out key gadgets than hitting defenders now. Si maybe a new attacker will be that distracter.


To me this is the most likely reason. Twitch didn’t need a Nerf. Unless the Defenders were brain dead, there’s no way Twitch is getting more than a handful of deployables between both her gadgets. Not to mention that she’s countered by a well placed mute jammer.

Not only did she not need a Nerf but no one was asking for one. People at high levels only target batteries and Miras because they know their drone will got shot pretty quickly, or if those gadgets aren’t in play, use them as normal drones due to how quiet they are. People at low levels waste the shots by tasing people, but they think that is helping, so at the end of the day, everyone is satisfied.

It seems to me that the Devs plan to introduce a new op that fills a role that crossover with Twitch’s. For a lot of people, the first set of ops decides whether or not they get the season pass so they want the 2 new Ops to be amazing and desirable. The best way to do this, if indeed the new Ops role crossover with Twitchs, is to vastly reduce the effectiveness of the competition.


I relate to Lion’s story so much, but I just love Finka’s story. That sheer willpower, fighting, what she believes is, a fate worse than death. And her decision that if no one was going to help her, she would do it herself.


I was reading the posts made back in november and I just chuckled at SedoUmbra for hating the “leaked” zombi gamemode and new operators.


Both operators are themed around global abilities. Finka has a lot of counters, (Lesion and Echo turn off the effects, Smoke deals 30 per tick, Pulse sees them from farther range) so she’ll be interesting and tricky to play as. her any range revive will be strong though. Lion seems strong as a pseudo CC ability, but I am wondering how he’ll play when defenders learn how to play around his ability.
Both will be quite interesting in Outbreak I am sure.


Man they sound super strong but at least there are a bunch of counters…


Yeah that’s the big thing.
Ela, basically no counters except for Twitch and Thatcher but they have trouble taking the mines out.
Finka? 2 ops outright disable the buff and 2 punish her for using it
Lion is countered by Mute and the act of not moving


Actually she does have a fair bit of counters. Jackal can track her, and she’s pretty exposed to shields as she has no real counter against them.

  • Ela one-trick

The new ops though… Wow.

This basically seems like Armageddon. It’s either going to destroy us all or it will just be a figment of everyone’s imagination.


But ela is getting nerfed so hard, she’ll be only used for the mines now.


If doesn’t get impacts then she’s near jager and bandit gadget levels.
If her gun gets nerfed so what? Amazing recoil, great damage, 40 rounds and she’s 3 speed.
Ela could also run around shields, throw impacts behind them or mine them so she could run around them.
The new ops seem pretty balanced to me, lion not detecting vigil if he had his cloak up would be nice but the deal breaker is how good their guns are.


Thats the thing, she’s getting nerfbearded.
the gun will be worse than the pistol after the nerfs.