Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


As if getting an interrogation isn’t hard enough finishing the animation doesn’t guarantee the interrogation


Thats what i meant by the last part, for devs, slug almost always means "lets make a gun with the range of an average gun but the killing power of a pointblank shotgun blast

Personally i would give a slug less damage because of the range


It says on the kills feed that an enemy shot them and you only got the points for downing them so it’s probably just a blue team member getting extremely lucky with the timing or a bug.


I mean I know that but in the video the gun shots come after the animation finishes


Another example

album of frames after having stabbed zofia in the neck


I swear, I just want an op with the bullpup (groza). That is my dream.


Um. Am I missing something or can you no longer go into customs with friends on the same team? Loaded into a game to show him something and instantly won.


Dunno shrugs


Would giving ying a blitz style flash be a good buff?

The only way to now avoid flashes is by hiding behind cover since turning around does nothing.


Me when playing Dokkaebi



If wendy’s learned how to hack.


Is it just me or did I hit ash like 4 times


I watched it in slo-mo. I think you missed most of those shots. There was a lot of smoke, so it was probably throwing you off, but you were shooting just behind him for a bit. you can tell where he is cause of his muzzle flash.


What would be a good name for an operator that places electrified chains in doors and windows?
This is a South African defender btw


Amandla is a Zulu and Xhosa word meaning “power”.


Interesting. I’ll think about that.
I’m doing another season concept so I needed a name.
I have Phoenix who is basically an attacker version of smoke, using incendiary grenades to deal damage over time when stepped on, and this defender with the electrified chains that destroy gadgets (a mix of castle, Bandit, and Yager).


lol my fucking god I just got kicked for tking someone that tk’d me the round before cause his friend wanted buck and asked for him 3 seconds before the round started

and they called me the toxic fuck


It’s not as bad as getting into a game and being kicked automatically for no reason at all.


Just recently joined PC and it’s way more toxic than I thought. Thankfully I haven’t fked up badly enough for anything to be directed at me.


It’s really not that toxic I haven’t been tkd or kicked for a really long time just got really frustrated when the guy that got his friend to tk me called me toxic