Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Yo bear can you tell me what I’m supposed to see in the server vs client perspective pic? All I see is IQ standing near garage in Kanal.

Some tool just left mid interrogation…


I feel like her amazing primary more than makes up for the unreliability on her gadget. And besides, even though her gadget may not be the most practical of the bunch, when it works, it’s amazing.


This I agree with.

This I’m not so sure. High power and stable, but there are other Ops with great guns and amazing and reliable gadgets. Like Smoke, Echo, Lesion. Frosts gun is a little better than theirs (except for the SMG-11) but their gadgets are leagues above in both reliability and potential.

Again keep in mind this is ranked vs casual. And it’s just my opinion.


Rook has best defender gun hands down and his gadget is 100% reliable =D


Can’t argue with that.


Yes you can.
You have to take into account the people who run off without getting armor. So I’d say 90-95% success with Rook.
In the actual competitions though, 100%.


Nah I get that, and I respect your opinion. And I see what you mean about the other operators having great guns and gadgets, but I still think that in casual play, Frost is the best pick; for me at least.


The new shotty can penetrate plane windows… >.<

Then you use it as bait for your trap!


How reliable is Kapkan’s gadget? I got him and I don’t think I’ve used him once.


Kinda sorta not really. You’ll get more now but it’s still not gonna get many people once they know there is a kapkan. Maybe once a round IF they don’t know you’re there? If you get someone the chances of another goes down a fair bit same with if they ID you at the start.


Yikes. Admittedly haven’t played him much since his change. The answer used to be: not at all. Now? A little more so, but only a little. The invisible wire means people will probably walk into a few, but they’ll learn and watch where they step


It can?
I love this new shotgun. Power, sounds, reload, and 2 barrels.
It is a great gun to use, if not challenging.


yep yep yep.

I’m not really a fan of the one shot capability outside of normal shotgun ranges


Jaysus the new shotty does 80 dmg at 120 m to two armours


Already sick of people running around one shotting me from across the room with that shotty…


Glaz is now a required op on plane in the TTS.


While i understand sledges is a freaking sledgehammer (but noted to be extra big because of how strong he is) does anyone else think its funny that bucks gadget is just an underbarrel shotgun lol

Had to put lol due to dumb system


I think it’s great. Nothing as bad ass as a shooting open a wall, isntantly swapping back or primary fire and doming someone



Is this like a slug shooting shotgun or something? Because that is where most devs decides "its farther range, only one bullet, so lets give it the same power as an up close shotgun


Yep. Does 125 damage and it’s got a fair bit more one shot range than the pump shotguns.

I know but that doesn’t make it fun to get one shot when all they did was hit your chest.