Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


This sounds like a CoD zombies mode. It’s not going to be…right?


No Australians?
Sure, let’s just get more Russian and American operators.


I believe what they are doing is making seasons more specialized.
So for this year, Season 1 and 3 would be filler seasons, introduce characters that have been from existing countries and introduce content that doesn’t take as much time to make, while making season 2 and 4 (hopefully) better by making them full out seasons with 2 ops from a new country and a new map.
What we might be seeing is less maps and less countries, but more events and more effort into the full seasons.

I would not be surprise if in Year 4 we get 1 event season, 2 full seasons, and then 1 rework season again.


Yes sir.

No sir.


Morocco? Tight.

Also, bioweapon specialists? Tighter.


Why is the sound system in this game so garbage and inconsistent like holy shit.

hears twitch drone from like 2 rooms away 90% of the time

me: i’m low health I sure hope a twitch drone doesn’t sneak up on me

literally can’t hear it from a foot away

or why is it that putting up a barricade = wall for their shitty sound algorithm.
old video but tested it in a custom game in the past hour


Just saw this. Really, you don’t like Frost? I think she’s great. Her traps won’t always be the most effective tool, but when they work, oh boy do they work.


Great gun, gadget is too unreliable. Great casual tool, but I don’t play casual. After you leave Gold no one falls for it anymore.


Oh, I only play Casual lol.

How do you feel about Glaz in ranked?


He’s alright.
When you first hear him shoot, you know what is coming. Then the smoke pops, you do not peek.


2 impact 4 disorienting


I love seeing him on plane cause they always go on the wing and then I shoot him from the cargo area


Only used at the highest level when the whole team knows how to work around him, or at the lowest level when inexperienced players don’t understand how to act against him.

At my level he’s not picked at all because the team can’t typically work around him well enough, so he just gets easily counter peeked or waited out.


Zombies: hell yeah.
Italians: fuck yeah.
Moroccans: yeh, boi.

but no fucking aussies? Fuck no.

I waited all goddamn year for them.

Do they give it to us?

intense triggered noises


I meant 2 grenade types.


I’m a Frost main, I main Frost, it’s what I do.

Notable changes are grenade (and C4) change and pistol recoil changes.


ugh sound bugs are the worst bugs to get in this game

Just played three rounds where all I heard was static, players voices and the announcer. Got killed by an Ela I didn’t hear break a window or start shooting at me. All I noticed was health going down then dead. Kill cam showed her missing like 10 bullets


I was never that good wit Frost. Think my K/D with her is like 1.1 or something :sweat_smile:


Man vigils shotgun fucking hurts holy shit.

Also pistol changes 1000% better

if anyone is curious about the weapon stats