Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Always check your corners!


hoooooo fuck.

Dokkaebi can hack the cams including valks.

Defenders drop a phone if killed and she can hack that and all attackers get access to the cameras though defenders can shoot the phones apparently(?) Also her ability causes phones to ring and it keeps ringing until you take 2 seconds or so to turn off the ringer. Mute jammers stop the ring and echo won’t be affected. Also Vigil is invisible to the cameras as well

Zofia can pick herself back up but she’ll only have 1 health. She and ela both recover from the conc mine/grenades 50% faster. Also they don’t need to reload the grenade launcher between shots not sure if full auto or semi auto but fires pretty quickly. Prox detonation on the grenades as well as timer so you can bounce it off walls for the conc grenades and it’s impact for the breaching grenades

Vigil is invisible to drones and hacked cams but the drones will know he’s in the area cause it’ll mess with the screen a bit.


Zofia has the 2 grenades (impact and disorienting) that she can switch between, the latter being able ti bounce I believe.
Vigil becomes invisible to drones but drones have a UI to show he is in the area.
Dokkaebi hacks defensers phones creating a lpid noise that must be turned off. If she can get to a defender body she can hack into the camera system, although Echo is immune.

Weapons seem to be experimenting, 2 shot shotguns, another LMG, defender carbine, 2 autopistols. Lots of new stuff.


It seems like vigil is gonna be kinda UP since there is a screen effect if he’s within 12m


list of the stuff + gifs and images and stuff 


So I just got the game so I’m just a pleb, and I plan on not taking the game seriously since OW kinda turned me toxic, but daym Zofia seems like my kinda girl. That grenade launcher… MMM. However I got the game for 15$ so I only have Rook and Ash, so I need to buy both her an Ela if I can.


Naw you gotta get my man Buck. Nothing like getting one taps with his DMR.


I see a lot of people use him, so I’m pretty sure that I’d suck with him. So far I’m fine with Rook and Ash, since I don’t know everyone’s kit yet, but all I can say is that there aren’t a whole lot of explosives (weapons) in this game, which is why she interests me.


If you’re talking about ash it’s better if you don’t think of it as a weapon because you’re not going to get very many opportunities to kill people with it it’s more of a tool that allows you to play quickly and aggressively. Though occasionally you can use it to get a kill. I think I’ve gotten like 4 kills with it lol

Eh I’m terrible with his AR cause dat recoil but put a muzzlebrake on the DMR and you’re gucci

She’s fun but I’m more of a slow and steady player. I rarely get aces but when I do it’s because my entire team died.


I was thinking about using Zofia’s launcher. Ash’s has 2 rounds and is more for breaching.

Attachments? I don’t have any so… XD

I do both, I just want a non-traditional way of killing rather than point-shoot. I’ve never been good on hitscan weapons so the people with hours upon hours of shooter games steamroll me, so I need something that fits me on my skill level.


They’re like a couple hundred and they really boost the effectiveness of your weapons lol.

No offence but you’re gonna have a bad time with this game then lol.



That’s why I’m not going pro. It’s a nice game to dick around with friends and have them carry me.


Yeah like theres no downsides to adding attachments except for the laser sight which people can see where it’s pointing.


My kind of attachment for my grenade launcher then :smiling_imp:


laser sight increases hipfire accuracy but Ash’s grenade launcher is perfectly accurate while hipfiring and oyu can’t add attachments to it and I’m assuming it’ll be the same for Zofia’s


Then I’ll have to add any attachment that I can to those weapons. Gotta look s p e c e d o u t somehow :sunglasses:


My two favorite operators are definitely Hibana and Frost. You gotta get them when you get the chance, they’re great.


Buck is my favorite attacker, and yes I use the AR.
Defender switches, I like both Echo and Valk, I think I’ll be sticking with Echo until the use of Dokkaebi dies down.


booooooo heathen!

I just want more ACOG defenders is that too much to ask cries

Like fuuuuuck rook, doc and echo get boring after awhile gimme at least one more acog defender.


Some extra info on the Year 3 content.

Season 1: Operation Chimera
Year 3 will kick off with a new kind of Operation. We are exploring a new fantasy in Operation Chimera: quarantine and biohazard. The two operators are biohazard specialists from two different countries: France and Russia.
We are also launching our third year of post-launch content with Outbreak, the first major coop event in Rainbow Six Siege. Outbreak will take place over four weeks during Season 1, and will be free-to-play for Rainbow Six Siege owners. It will feature an exclusive collection of cosmetics, which will only be available during the limited time event.
There will be a full reveal of both Operation Chimera and Outbreak at the Six Invitational 2018.
Season 2
Season 2 will be more traditional Rainbow Six Season. We will have two new Italian GIS Operators, and a new map featuring a brand new location: Italy.
Season 3
The two Operators in Season 3 will come from different CTUs: Scotland Yard in the UK, and Delta Force from the US. Additionally, there will be a complete rework of an existing map: considerable changes to level design and art direction. The essence of the map will remain the same, but the gameplay and tactics will be completely different.
Season 4
Season 4 will be a classic Season in Rainbow Six Siege. We will have two new operators and a new map featuring a brand new location: Morocco. The two new operators will come from the Moroccan GIGR.