Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Those same people got the stun grenade launcher correct a couple days before the pic leak


Of course though, I’m taking that zombie thing with a grain of salt


I think a zombies mode might be kinda cool and fun. If it did happen, we’d have to see how it would be in order to actually know if itd work


Hint: it wouldn’t


I would have a good reason to start maining tachanka though


It just looks like thats a budget ash breach.


A week.


And this!


So new polish chick is a slower ash with breach and conc grenades?


Except her breaches are on impact, not after a few seconds, and about the size of a sledge/buck hole.


the defender is invis to drones.
and the attacker can make defenders emit sounds for a few.


Basically the same thing long ranged loud breach + conc grenades. Also ash’s breach is like a second

Yeah I saw though with how shit R6S’s sound is I don’t see her being that good.


she could be good with jackal,
against cav.
she basically counters lurkers


Yeah she could be good but if we had sound like Evolve then she’d be amaaaaaazing.


I think that the polish op will make ash mostly irrelevant depending on her speed and her weapons.


She’s 2 speed.


she is a 2speed 2 armor.
she’s capitao and ash combined with ekko.


Polish attacker is 2 speed and 2 armor, using an LMG and Assault rifle (700 rpm AR), so Ash will still be relevant due to her role as the rushing attacker. Polish attacker seems to be an inbetween of Ash and Ying, providing breaching power (not as potent) and disruption (if flashbangds worked all the time then it would be less potent) to give the team as a whole an advantage.
Korean attacker seems to be a specialist, having a DMR and Shotgun only for parimaries, and having 2 machine pistols. The gadget is, in my best guess, a way to make defenders create an audible noice that will show where they are. Meant to either reveal positions or reveal where roamers are, but it is unkown how this ability will be activated.
The Korean Defender is interesting, since he appears to have a shortened AR like that of Yager, and then the same shotgun and machine pistols, giving him that uniqueness that the attacker also has. His gadget will be hit or miss, if he is just invisible to drones then he’ll work fine since he will be hard to spot, but if there’s a jamming or stutter then he will be obvious.


Yeah just a tiny bit worried he’s a walking mute jammer cause that’ll kinda give you away


I wish they’d immediately tell you when an enemy was outside but only mark them after a couple seconds. Like I just died to an ela hopping out a window at Bartlett and running around the side of the building and I only knew someone was outside after I was being shot.

I love how a good interrogation can turn a round around but I also hate how it punishes the entire team for one person making a mistake.