Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Thanks man! I’m glad you enjoyed it, can’t beat the accent, eh?


TBH I think it’s a really poor idea for a game to incentivize poor connectivity, graphics etc.

If the game’s netcode can’t compensate well I’d rather have the poor connections penalized rather than have everyone artificially inflating their ping

Kapkan and Blitz changes went through, Ela got some nerfs, server changes, and a bunch of bug fixes.


Good for blitz but sigh i liked old kapkan why couldn’t they just make him 2 speed…


Blackbeard makes this game so unfun. Inferior skill should never be rewarded. Stupid idea.


On a side not, anyone experiencing connection issues? Ping is typically much lower than usual but it spikes quite often, and many people in my games are DCing


My ping has actually improved quite alot since the mid-season.
25 - 50


A lot of people are saying they just halfed everyone’s ping counter to make it look better lol, but even I’ve noticed far less connection problems


Hundred percent agree.


Yeah, mine used to be around 60, now it’s around 20. But I’ve dced twice since the patch and I’ve only played like 8 or 9 games. I used to never DC. And no other game is giving me lag or dcs.


Anyways,any new leaks/theories about ela’s sister?


even more breaching gadgets? cmon ubi.


Has it been confirmed that the new Ops have these?


In fact the current leaks are saying it is a stun based grenade launcher
With the current track record the leaks are taken more seriously now.
Also there has been no info of new breaching ops, though that might change.


Assuming the leak is correct:

I see where they’re coming from. Seems like they’re trying to make it easier to challenge players holding hard angles by relatively safely utilising a gadget that makes the job of the challenger much easier. Same concept as Ying, and basically a soft counter to Ela traps which have the opposite effect: making the job of the challenger much more difficult. It’s a soft counter since now both parties will be on more even terms.

However, in practice, stuff like this rarely works consistently. That’s why Ying (whose gadget on paper is great) is rarely used for that purpose. Now her gadget is almost exclusively used for pushing Defenders away/sound cover for when the planter goes in. Because if someone is holding off site, and you roll a candela in, there’s no way to know if they actually got stunned and how long it’ll last on them for.

Still interesting to see how it plays out.

And is there any info on the other 2?


Cool I guess
I know its not confirmed
Sounds cool tho


… What…?


Those 4chan leaks said there is a new zombies/alien game mode coming with mexican operators, with hazmat suits. One has wallhacks and the other has a temp heal


I doubt ubi will actually put that into R6


Would stop being friends with Ubisoft forever. Luckily, it’s only a 4chan leak which has approximately the same validity as a pre-teen on MDMA