Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


ba dum tiss


Man ranked is such a double edged sword.
I like the more serious gameplay and actual fights.
On the other hand I always get bad teammates so I constantly go down in rank because I can only do so much before I make a mistake.


Just got into a ranked and it was full off glitchers and cheaters on my team, and they lost us the match


Went into a ranked game and an enemy Montagne was doing a glitch to shoot while full shield. Luckily, his teammate had a sense of decency and killed the cheater when it was 4:3 to us and they were attacking.


Blackbeard actually makes some rounds just not fun. They better not introduce any Ops that pander to unskilled players. So infuriating.


Is anyone actually able to use the Ubisoft forums? Having be trying to make posts for ages now and when I enter my details correctly it says it’s wrong. When I click “Forgot password” it just says “Invalid parameters”. Tried to register a new account and “Invalid parameters”. Had to go onto the Ubisoft website and specifically make an account. Typed the details of the new account in and apparently its wrong.


Went 12 and 4 and like half of my teams kills were after I got an interrogation.


Why the fuck don’t I have access to the votekick button on the third round where I got tk’d…

like sure don’t allow random votekicks for the last round but jesus christ if I got tk’d why can’t I vote kick that ass hole.

Just watched an Ela try to drop shot someone in the next room who had their back to them hit the door frame and then got killed…

Moderately depressing seeing someone peek a blackbeard that you warned them about and then die horribly

Die after interrogating cause the icon showed IQ off to my left. Turns out she was off to my left and on the second floor not off to my left on the same floor… wtb real devs plox

German recruit tanks 2 shots from like 2 meters away… wtf ubi

3 times this day I’ve had the bar finish and been killed only for it not to count cause Ubi apparently can’t get anything right… literally saw the knife go in their neck…


2 game breaking bugs right now.

One is where the game gets confused about what weapon you’re using, so getting a kill with gun x shows gun y in the feed and swapping to gun y won’t allow you to shoot any bullets.

The other is an exploit. Seems to be something that do with Castle barricades? Does some spam thing and almost shuts the whole fking server down. Pings soar (easily 200+ for most people in the game) and frames drop. Was literally playing with 1FPS and 168 ping yesterday. But only when we were on Defence and our Castle looked like he was spasing out in doorways each time. Couldn’t even tk him to make him stop because of the lag and single frame.

Pretty rough time for Siege atm


It’s always a rough time for siege lol.


It’s sad how accurate that is. If it’s not a van glitch, it’s a wall hacks Valk cam. If it’s not that, it’s awful balancing. If it’s not that it’s the most picked Ops gadget sucking dick. All the while hit reg is ass.


I just want to know why everything is so god damn inconsistent. Just now I double tapped a blitz and killed them as Cav. Usually it takes a full second for them to be downed before I can kill them with the luison. If i hadn’t killed them I could have done an interrogation and possibly turned the round around but instead it killed them unlike every other time I’ve used it and I lost the round.

Literally 2 shots to the chest of a blackbeard from 4m away but APPARENTLY thats only 75 damage worth.


Lol got a second interrogation by running out to enemy spawn to get the afk dude


Tfw when you lose 3 games in a row, lose a rank and get almost 40 kills in total



and people wonder why I say I hate shields.


If anyone’s interested, I made a new video


Sure, I’ll watch it. It’s 20 to one in the morning and I’ve got nothing else to do.

EDIT: :joy: Gave me a much needed laugh. Funny video. And also the first time I’ve ever heard Northern Irish accents in a gaming video


Jesus christ it might be happening

Latency icon: The latency icon will appear when your ping is high. A yellow latency icon means your ping is high enough for additional validation steps to be triggered by the server (around 100-140 ms of ping). These additional validation steps come into play when treating your shots, and determining whether or not they are a hit. You might notice some of your hits are not registering. Having a high ping also means you could encounter unpleasant situations such as dying behind cover. A red icon means your ping is bad (around 400-500 ms of ping). Being in that state for a long time could result in player being kicked from the game server. When the latency red icon is visible, almost all of your hits will be rejected by the server. This is intended.


Well that’s good for people who have to option to use good internet but for people with shit internet like me not so much.


That’s a fair point, but I think it’s only fair because for the last, almost, 2 years, people with shit Internet and high ping have had an undisputed advantage over those with low ping.