Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Weird. It only happens near walls for me


I swear this game has the most toxic community at times


It’s because the game is popular. More toxic members have joined.


Is this rainbow six in terms of pace one of the faster or slower paced ones, or is it in between

Also this rainbow six DOES feel like a rainbow sox game right


Mostly fast paced moments separated by slower moments.

If I’m entirely honest, it doesn’t really feel much like a Rainbow six game, but it’s really fun.


Ehh… Servers broken for anyone else? Everyone is DCing with low ping and there are mad latency and rubber banding issues


Thats a shame, i hope its still at the level to where it fits just fine in the universe (also hope the next further goes back to its roots)

Ive heard its more of a spinoff anyway


Rainbow 6 SIege is a multiplayer focused game with very little story, with the most being that Rainbow is being reinstated because of a new terrorist group using bio-weapon of some sort.
After that, best we can guess is that the game itself is war games (training). But yeah, the game seems to be very different than previous entries (I haven’t played any yet, jut got 3 though).


Yeah, i heard its justifiable to be fit the universe/series as a spinoff, because the tactics and depth (besides gunplay by quite a bit, which i heard is getting a rework or whatever) are still there

But as sedo umbra said, it does not feel like a true rainbow six game, more like a spinoff lime the fanbase seems to agree on


Yeah, that sounds about right. There’s still rappelling on windows, tactical breaching (albeit somewhat different) and but if you didn’t touch any Tom Clancy games before this, you won’t lose anything in this game. It’s not part of the story at all really. And some aspects have been removed for balance and to improve the pace of the game, such as blind fire and the cover mechanic, but apart from that it plays pretty similarly if you play with friends. imo, anyway


Do you guys think R6 is too far into it’s lifecycle to pick up? I like the look of it, and I know it’s got a healthy playerbase, but what about the skill level? Is it like Evolve whereby a new player has a lot of serious work to do in order to be decent?

Also do you think the pub matches are enjoyable? As much as I love Evolve the pug matches are not great, you need a group to really get the experience.


Its a real shame it has no story, I heard they were really good (i passed up gettibg vegas and it was FREE and i regret it)

On reddit their is an common sentiment that this is a simulation run rainbow does (obsure in the books, but they found the passage)


Absolutely not. The MMR system works well enough to pair you with people of similar skill so you shouldn’t get rofl stomped.

Casual is not fun. Ever. But as long as you’re placed properly, solo is fun in ranked.


Not quite right.
Casual can be fun, to laugh at.
I am pretty much done with Casual, people make the worst decisions.
I sit at high bronze/low silver and they make better decisions.


Do you have any funny stories of casual lol


I’m in the mist of making a video on moments from me and my friends playing, so I’ll get back to you soon lol


Thank you then, ill be looking forward to it


getting killed by a frag’s IMPACT from 10 meters away




Evolve had a lot more to learn. If you’re a decent shot you’re halfway there and only need to learn popular reinforce spots, roaming locations, peak spots, how to navigate the maps and where people tend to be on objectives.