Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Yeah so? It’s not hard to walk towards the enemy and 0 effort is involved in RNG.

Shields can easily mitigate how much of them is showing.

thats why they have a shield.

if they do dumb shit like walk down the middle of a hallway.


It is hard when they are able to shoot the shield and half the time you die while facing the shield user. I swear, every time I use a shield I die because I was distracting the enemy for my teammates, and I will die because they shot me enough to where the spread hits my limbs enough.
Also yes, rng does not require effort. But it requires luck, which I think is worse. With effort, it takes a good player to make it work. With rng, aside from a few things that can be reduced, it just depends on how lucky you are.

Shields are wonky in that when you think you should be blocking your body, you’re actually just showing more of it to be shot. This isn’t coming from a shield main, this is a guy who plays shields occasionally and every time I do or watch someone play a shield, I just see crap that shouldn’t be happening.

Yeah, but they are worse than every other attack operator (Fuze has access to 2 primary weapons so he gets a pass). Why pick Blitz, when Ying can flashbang a whole room and has a high capacity AR, or what about any operator with a flashbang?

Just yesterday I was on Kafe. Obj is top floor, the room with the piano in it. I breach in and I stand behind the counter where the piano is. Rook fires at me and does nothing, then he prones and I look over the counter so I can kill him while he is reloading. Hip fire him, miss most shots because the P9 wasn’t liking me, and then he shoots my arm and kills me outright. Should I have the advantage? I guess not, but that’s hardly a rare occurance where I am facing the enemy, there shouldn’t be a way to hit me, and then I am downed easily.

What I am trying to say in this is that, shield are stupid and don’t work in Siege right now with exception to Monty blocking the defuser. Other than that, any other operator as an advantage.


it’s called plan your route. Don’t be walking down a hallway needing to cover 20 feet to get within range.

My point exactly. Like if you pick a character that relies on luck to get kills well I’m not gonna be sympathetic to you getting shot in the shoulder.

you mean like a shield user up against a window hiding their pistol and any exposed bit but still somehow head shoting me from across the room?

Good. They require 0 skill to get kills as long as they’re just hip firing.

If he’s actually vulnerable then ADS if he isn’t well then tough shit you’re pointing in his general direction if you want reliable don’t pick an op thats 99% luck.

I mean you’re Monty so you could have just extended

And shields still get bullshit kills and I fucking hate them.


You assume I do go down hallways like that. Nothing I ever said points out anything about hallways.

I don’t want shield operators to be reliant on luck. You seem to be antagonizing me because I picked a shield operator, when I want shield operators to be good and fair.

No… More like I am staring right at an enemy and the enemy sill headshots me.

I don’t want that, I want them to have skill. You’re just calling shields bs and not pointing out how they could be better, instead you say that shields are bs and that they don’t deserve any respect.

Why would I extend when I should be able to point at the enemy, shoot them, and kill them? What does it take an entire magazine just to hit the enemy once or twice and then have them kill you because it was suppose to be a good idea to finish them off while they were vulnerable?

Again, you do nothing to try and make them better. You just complain and then say you hate them.
How about this, shields get better coverage so that they aren’t so weak, but they can’t use their pistols while they have the shield out? Making it to where a shield user has to dedicate to that role when they are facing an enemy, and leave them exposed if they need to take out an enemy.
How does that sound?


Well if you’re planning your route you won’t be 20 feet away you’ll be like 10 feet and you can cover that distance fairly easily especially if you’re Monty.

There is literally 0 way for them to be balanced with their shields and not rely on luck. There is a reason why BB was a terrible idea for R6S.

I was giving you an example of the bullshit that shield ops use all the time.

They can’t be. That’s the point. If you have a shield that blocks 95% of your body in a game of one shot headshots you can’t have skill based aiming unless they start changing fundamental parts of the game.

Not if 95% of your body is invulnerable you shouldn’t.

Because they can’t shoot you in the head or the torso or the thighs or the legs or the feet depending on what position you are in.

Sounds like Blitz would be impossible to kill and would just walk up to you flash you then melee you.

Also you’re basically turning them into mini monties if they don’t have to put away their shields to pull out their pistol and if they do have to put away their shields to pull out their pistols no one will ever use the shield ops cause why would you want to use a pistol over a rifle.


Okay I’m just going to ignore the times you just answered one of my questions/responses about how shields are broken from the user’s point of view and instead used it as a way to point out how shield users are broken from the defender’s view because that just makes it redundant.

You say that, but there’s no substance. You can’t prove that shields can’t be balanced, in fact I think it’s possible and would be a missing feature in a game about counter terrorism. I will agree that BB was a bad decision, but that’s also because his entire gimmick was that he can block a headshot. Too strong and he can’t die, too weak and he is where he is now and the shield is pointless. Also he is selfishm unlike actual shield operators, BB is meant to be solo.

That’s why there are tools like C4, and teammates, and other gadgets already in the game. Tell me how Blitz already doesn’t easily do this in the game right now? Only difference is that he can shoot his gun, but people don’t complain.

Not really. A bid disadvantage to shields is that when you melee one the shield goes away from the operator and they can’t block shots or melee very well. Monty has the ability to extend his shield and become a piece of immovable cover, a wall. Blitz and Fuze would suffer from the disability that if they are hit by a melee, they don’t have a gun to fire when they are exposed, they are screwed.

Because a shield operator should never be about kills. If you pick a shield operator, and the goal is to protet yourself from any damage from the front, then your role shouldn’t be killing. The goal should be to distract the enemy and provide protection to your allies.
Making the pistol only available to when the shield is on the back makes the shield more defined as that support role that protects the team, and not an operator that (usually) blocks damage while they hip fire enemies to death.


You can’t prove they can be balanced either.

It blocks like 3 bullets to the head how the hell is that pointless?

Except explosives don’t instagib shields anymore.

Teammates are not a counter to anything.

Shoot his feet/arms as he approaches.

Blitz has flash. Fuze is the only one that would truly be at risk.

But you’re not gonna distract the enemy if you don’t have a way of threatening them at a distance.


Alright, I’m done. It’s obvious that literally nothing I have or will say will do anything to change this conversation. This is literally just a plateau of lunacy.
It’s obvious that I think that shields are too inconsistent and should be changed to strengthen their role while reducing their killing potential.
You are obviously one that thinks shields are a blight on the game and that nothing will ever change that, and you think that shields would be better to never show up in this game ever again.


Their killing potential is already shit it’s just that their kills at 90% of the time bullshit because they pointed in your general direction.

I think getting oneshotted by something I couldn’t counter based on RNG is a blight.

Pretty much if it’s a game like R6S.


You can stay away from my Blood Orchid asians. I originally didn’t want any more asians, but lesion and ying… intense orgasm noises

Ela is eh




Oof. I know what you meant, but that was worded poorly.
I do agree, Lesion is very fun. I like having all my weapons supreesed and suprising people while they are disoriented. Tactical Camouflage Cargo Shorts, activate!


Well, I didn’t know how to word it better, but as long as you know what I meant…


"Originally I didn’t want more asian based CTUs, but now I…"
Though I have to ask why. At the moment we only have 2 asian CTUs, with a 3rd coming next season. Is 3 too much compared to the 3 North American, or the 5 European CTUs?


While not opposed to the idea of any more Asian Ops, I love Lesion in pretty much every way imaginable.

Not fussed on either Ying or Ela. Still a Sparky main on attack.


I don’t know. It’s just something that’s been around since the beginning of the year, and I’ve forgotten the reason.


Big changes coming to the test server.
Kapkan buff! He is now 2 speed and 2 armor, his trip mine now does 40 damage but as an invisible wire and he has 5 of them.
Blitz I believe is now able to move quicker with his shield up? I don’t know what this exactly means.
Also recoil patterns are being tested now.
Also some server stuff and whatnot.


Blitz can sprint also boo on Kapkan trap change


I feel like all the trap characters are becoming too similar now


Also they made the buff to 2 speed useless since now he has even more traps to place

The whole reason ppl wanted 2 speed was so he could place all his traps and grab armour and reinforce