Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Yeah, I play PS4. Didn’t hear about maybe not having the new servers yet. Is there anything else in game that the servers would affect?


bullets normally just destroy the layers of a wall once at a time i think


I dont know about your problem but I’m pretty sure the new server are only on PC ATM and will come to consoles in the coming weeks if it works well on PC.


Not shotguns (at the right range) or Glaz. And even then, the second layer wouldn’t get destroyed after multiple shots while the first layer was destroyed in one.


That makes me hopeful. This patch has been great but I wouldn’t be able to resist being disappointed if hit reg wasn’t fixed, even if I don’t have the better servers yet, I’m glad that it’s (hopefully) on the way


I also wish the rank system calculated ranked better. I was Plat 2 at the end of last season and the season is a hard reset, so thanks to 2 throwers (I think because I played Lesion and reinforced a really bad impact hole) and me not knowing how to play the new map, I’m Gold 3. Wish it was more like Overwatch where you were get placed near your season high, and you don’t go up and down a full rank for your first 5 games after placing. I mean, I’m confident that I’ll climb again, because playing at this ELO is ridiculously easy, it’s just going to take longer.


I am thinking about buying this.

Can someone help me with understanding how the F2P system for this game works and what do the season passes do for this game, exactly ? What do they contain to be more precise and how do you get new maps, classes etc ?


It is not F2P, you need to buy the game.

When you buy the game you can buy a lot of characters for a few renown which can be obtained by playing.
When you buy a season pass, you will have 8 characters for “free” renown. With other bonuses.
If you didn’t buy the season pass, the DLC characters will be able to purchase with renown, but much more than the vanilla one. You’ll need about 20 hours to unlock a single DLC character.

There is a cheaper version on PC (standart I think) but don’t buy it, it takes a lot of time to unlock the vanilla character.

And I forgot, there usually is 4 new maps each year, available for free to everyone. There is one new map each season (3 months).


Thanks man. Any europeans to play with here ?


The DLC gives you instant access to the new operators as soon as they are released. Without the DLC you need to wait for a week and then buy them for 25K renown (currency earned in-game). It’s also grants you 600 credits (paid currency).it gives you 10% extra renown for the games you play and almost (I think) everything is 10% cheaper in the store. You also 2 extra daily challenges (completing which gives you renown) and you can 10% extra Alpha packs %. The Alpha pack system is basically a system where you get loot packs which contain 1 cosmetic. Winning a game rolls your chances for an Alpha pack. Completing a game increases your chances slightly, however if you win, the increase in chance is applied after you roll it, so if you don’t get an Alpha pack you start with 3% (or 3.3% in the next game).

The season pass also gives you 1 exclusive head gear and loadout for each new OP.

I don’t recommend getting the season pass 2 because you’ve missed the timed exclusivity for all but 3/8 Ops. And the extra 10% renown isn’t worth it for only a few months. However, any other bonus I mentioned is still fully applicable.

Apart from that, every Op and most cosmetic is purchasable for Renown, which you don’t pay a penny for. However, buying a non DLC OP from a CTU that you already have an OP for will be more expensive. So for exam, all vanilla Ops start at 500 renown. If you by an SAS op for 500, the second SAS op you buy will be 1000, but any other non DLC Ops will be 500 still. All DLC Ops will always be 25K unless you get the appropriate season pass.

All maps are automatically available to everyone as soon as released, however only 10 are in the Ranked mode map pool, while all but 2 are in the Casual map pool. The 2 remaining maps are only available in Custom games atm as they are being reworked.


Anyone else hate the ID change?


Dude peaks me just as I go in front of a window reticule sitting right on my head and he one taps me but APPARENTLY I need to git gud and there is no way that piece of shit was hacking mmmmmmmmmmmk there…

Also I hate how there are only 3 defenders with acogs…


I hate shields. So fucking much. Everytime I get killed by one it’s some RNG bullshit.


This is so true.


I hate shields because they feel so inconsistent.
If I am looking at someone who is at the same elevation as me, I shouldn’t take damage at all when they are firing on me. Why are my shoulders sticking out?


One time a Blitz hip - fire headshot 3 people in one round. Only one person was in flash range.


Cause you can hip fire at them.


But why do the stick out so much?
I fell like it takes extremely minimal effort to just aim at the shoulders/elbows of a shield user and then down them, which results in an easy finish.
Blitz and Monty need to learn how to tuck in their shoulders.


Because you’re aiming off on a corner of their body.

I feel like it takes 0 effort for a shield user to hip fire at me while I’m aiming for their wrist of elbow or shoulder.


Hip fire requires needing to be closer to the enemy than usual and has some rng to it.
A defender has to aim, yes, but they can easily shoot the elbows, shoulders, or the legs resulting in an attacker that is slower and lacks a primary weapon that can easily be killed by shooting the limbs.