Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


I hope the rework Favela. There’s just too many horizontal entry points and almost no vertical entry points.
Now if you will excuse me I need to explain to people that Ubi isn’t going to perma delete maps.


:joy: Feels bad

I honestly don’t mind Favelas as much as the others. It’s just that only 1 site is reliably defendable, and 2 of them are just completely unviable. If they reworked the map to make it more dynamic and the other sites more viable, I’m all for it.

My issue with Yacht is that it’s so linear. Aside from hatches there is no vertical destruction, and you spend most of your time in hallways. At least in Favelas there are a few cheeky runouts that allow you to rotate either without getting detected, or by getting detected for a split second.

So, with a little bit of work, I’d happily take back Favelas, with a lot of work I’d take back Yacht, but I’d would be happy if Ubisoft just removed Bartlett from Multiplayer.


Because, although it would perform better, it’d look absolutely horrible. I think CSGO has the most effective and reliable smokes that I’ve ever seen in a game, but it’s such an eye sore. It looks like someone ripped a gash between our plane and the Rift plane.


Better than pretty but horrible gameplay.

Will smoke work this round? Will the gods of R6S move the smoke so I get a clear line of sight to the enemy or will the reverse happen. Will the light silhouette me this time?

It’s fucking retarded how they implemented smoke in this game.


Gameplay should always come before visuals, thats the problem with R6S, between bloom, smokes and bad lighting


ugh free weekends are cancer I got tk’d by a level 0 when I had 11 kills aced the first round and got 4 kills the 3rd round…


Dropshotting players who have have 180+ ping is the most aids thing ever. I can’t believe how far people are willing to go to abuse broken game mechanics just to win some ELO points.


Made a thing.


maybe let the drone jump but only as high as the lowest hight a kapkan trap can go. Banshee should probably be 1-3 while vigiar should be 3-1 armour since his playstyle would probably be setting off traps to make a path which would mean he will probably be in the midst of a firefight most of the time. It would also punish you for staying on your drone the entire round, despite me being able to win a round without ever moving.


I don’t know how many people here follow pro league, but this is honestly the best LAN we’ve had so far, and this final is going to be nuts.


So, patch notes dropped yesterday.
Holy bug fixing batman!


An entire page of Echo fixing, yet I didn’t see anything pertaining to the roof of the arsenal room of Clubhouse. That said, I read it in a rush so I’d not be surprised to see that I’ve just missed it.

Interesting ammo “balancing”. Really don’t think the SMG-11 needed any more mags. No real opinion on the other guys though.

Just glad that smokes are actually going to work.

Edit: just checked they are fixing the Yokai issue on Clubhouse arsenal, but it was under Map fixes, not Echo fixes


Always makes me wonder what this game would be like with a real dev team.


Fun facts.
Theme park is now going to be added to the ranked playlist. There will be 10, not 9 maps in ranked this season.
Also Casual will now have its own matchmaking rank system, and is said to put new players in a more noob-friendly area.
So Ubi has listened, somewhat.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll know more about stay out of ranked for a week or so after the patch.

This is pretty cool. Doesn’t affect me at all, but it must be annoying for new players to just get destroyed by someone who thinks beating a new players makes them king.




Really hope this ping compensation tomorrow actually works. Just got 3 games in a row with ping abusers. The last guy played Bandit/Ash had 200 ping all game and ended up with like 14 kills. About 10 of which were total bullshit. Really unfun to play against.


Anyone else having issues with destruction? Bucks shotgun is only destroying one side of walls at medium range sometimes, and Ash’s breach rounds are incredibly inconsistent. Sometimes she destroys huge Sledge shaped holes.

Really weird.

EDIT: Note: Hit reg isn’t fixed :frowning:


What system do you play on? I heard somewhere consoles don’t have the new servers yet, or something like that.