Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


See, I did see that leak, but if that’s true it really doesn’t make sense.

Firstly, from logics perspective, since when do you throw a mine? It also refers to being “anchored”

And secondly, from a game play perspective, why throw a concussion or disorientating mine for it to detonate mid-air on proximity when you can throw and Nitro and… Kill them. This would also make Echo much less useful. You can set up a Mira Window with holes at the top of a soft adjacent wall and toss out these “mines” as nitros or smoke cannisters commonly are.

Ying has flashbang grenades can shoot uowards before detonating, can be rolled under doors or through drone holes, cooking it extends the timer, can be placed on walls to shoot it through the wall, is immune to the flasb.
Lesion places down cloaked traps that cloyd vision and deal damage over time. Operators have to manually remove the darts leaving them vulberable. Can pmace up to 7 but starts with less, gaining new charges as time passes.
Ela has mines that can be thrown that detonate on proximity causing Echo effect as I call it. Will stick to amy surface. Of downed then Ela has a mine on her person she can manually detonate to hopefully delay her death.


So, you were talking about the Rush meta and how you hate it, and now with that Lesion mine cooldown mechanic attackers are getting punished for taking longer to push :smile:

I’m super excited for Lesion. Ela seems iffy. Don’t know why you’d toss a stun mine at someone when you can just blow them up.

Now that I know more about Ying, she sounds super useful. Still not going to use her because Sparky main, but she actually sounds really cool.

EDIT: Not too happy about that delay. Again even if it is only a week, because I’m going to be well back into school by the time it actually launches.


Still places down traps that force the attackers to slow down or to completely stop to remove the effects.
The cooldown just means he gets to place down new fresh mines well into the round after placing down all his starting mines.
I think I’m going to really enjoy Lesion.
Ying and Ela are going to really depend on how well their weapons handle for me to play them. Ying not having an AR will make the LMG even more important.


You seem way more caught up with Ubisofts plans than me. Don’t suppose you know if they’ve any plans to fix Dropshotting? So many people are abusing this broken game mechanic and it’s honestly pathetic.


They have said that they wan’t the player to be in full control of their weapon when moving around. So I assume that at the time of making that statement dropshotting was intended. Whether that will change is completely unkown to me.


The issue isn’t Dropshotting itself, the issue is the effect that drop shotting has on the players hitbox. They are essentially impossible to headshot while dropping to the ground giving them a huge advantage.

Thought I’d leave this here for players like me who don’t have the game and want try it. Why couldn’t Ubisoft wait until after the COD: WW2 beta though?


Probably for the same reason they’ve delayed the release of new content until summer is over and people are back to school.


Most likely because it was set up with the idea being that the DLC was going to be released on the 29th so it would be free to play, then the big DLC reveal (for people who don’t follow the game that much would not know about leaks) and then the next week if they buy the game then they can start farming rep to start getting the DLC ops (hopefully after the essential base game ops)
Just like Operation Health the delay was not planned weeks or months ago, it was more or less a last minute decision that the devlopers thought would be better for the game, which in this case you can’t blame them if there as as many bug fixes and overall changes (like now deploying you’re 2nd drone won’t destroy your first drone, and they got rid of the camera filter for defenders being outside), they wan’t to make sure it works perfect if they made people wait this long for the new content.
Also, anyone else see the new videos? Ela got her own cinematic trailer like the original ops got. Probably because her and the attacker GROM operators lost their season, so they get a video? Would be nice to get videos for all year 1 and 2 ops.


I would love cinematic trailers for DLC Ops.

But if memory serves the cinematics for Hibana and Echo were a little more like the original cinematics, if a little shorter.


apparently bandit and jaeger did lose their acogs and none of the new defensive ops get acogs. So rook, doc and echo are gonna be the only acog peeps from now on…


I don’t instinctively trust Reddit. I had a quick look and he doesn’t look like he’s telling us anything we didn’t already know, so he could be talking shit.

And if he really got early access to the update wouldn’t he have to sign an NDA?


said he was at gamescom so it might just be a public test to show off what changed.


ugh I fucking hate fuze so much


Basically maps will be limited, 9 maps in Ranked and additional ones in casual.
Yacht and Favela are removed from the rotations (available in custom games) and will be reworked (at least 1 of them to some extent, but hopefully Favela will get some big changes)
Eventually maps will be removed from the game’s downloads and servers to free up space and memory.
Theme Park (the new map) will not be in Ranked playlists, but will probably be next season.
Lot of people seem to be pissed off by this.


I am not one of those people. I’m over the fucking moon!

This could all have been avoided if map preferences worked better, but Ubisoft is slowly restoring my faith in them.


If you read the blog post it was mentioned that it was removed while they rework the system.


Damm, I read over your post too quickly.

I’d honestly rather have Yacht and Favelas in casual over Bartlett, but I can see why that’d be bad for new players if they’re reworking it


Why the fuck isn’t smoke just a solid grey/yellow wall in this game…