Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


There’s also the umlaut on the a. So it’s “Jäger” and then phonetically pronounced as “Yehgar”.


They shouldn’t be able to fuze an obj room?


No, that’s fine, I mean the spots where there’s something blocking the charges that makes the Fuze kill himself or teammates.


I was talking about sometimes I miss hearing fuze plant his charge cause of the sound systems.


Oh, nevermind then, I misunderstood what you meant


I was playing 2AM in the morning, eyes barely open. Yet, this just feels like bad luck, nothing to do with skill lul.


Really wish we could turn off or reduce the opacity of team members icons and the obj icon


And I can’t hear Caviar running at me while I’m trying to fuze Train. FeelsBadMan


What rank are you guys?


Platinum 2.


you can get rid of outlines but that means that if you’re running as a 3 speed a teamate might kill you. its happened to me 2 times and both times I’m pretty sure that outlines were disabled for them


I know but you can’t get rid of the icon for the character like say ash and you can’t get rid of the OBJ diamond.


Here I go tracing again.
Edit: I’ve been thinking, the Groza, MK-14, and the MP9 would be excellent weapons to add to the game.
Edit 2 Which of these weapons do you guys think would be the better revolver to use for this concept? Having 2 would be a bit much since we only have 1 revolver in the game right now.


(Sorry for the double post but I felt it is new enough for an individual post)
Finally finished the chart.

Also lots of new teases from Ubi about the new operation.


Terminus seems a bit OP but also useless, maybe he has to be on the top side of a hatch to reinforce it so you still have to have been near it to reinforce it. His weapons would have to be amazing to make up for his ability that doesn’t really offer much. Also, what would happen on plane or maps where the reinforcement size sometimes changes, what is the reload time on it, can it be interrupted while it is reinforcing and are the reinforcements full wall reinforcements?


That gets rid of some of his most important reasons to be picked. Think of maps like Coastline or Kafe that have breachable roofs that can’t be accessed, or if the team wants to hunker down with all 5 operators they now have someone who can take care of the roof spots from the objective (and other spots from the ceiling and floor).

He has a 30 round SMG that isn’t half bad and an automatic shotgun.

Not my place to say. Mostly because I know full well the ideas I make won’t ever make it into the game they stand as now, I try to make it seem like they could be put in the game, but I know they won’t so I don’t go into the details like that.


yeah, that works


Gadget is a ball that can be rolled or anchored, so not like Fuze’s cluster charge at all. Seems like it will either be on a timer, or maybe remote detonated? Not enough info.
The weapons are the silenced shotgun (bullpup with a revolver style cylinder) and the QBZ lmg gun, there is no assault rifle.


Been doing some thinking and speculating, so I’m going to outline my thoughts. If you don’t want to read any speculation, then don’t, but if you do, feel free to contribute.

We kind of know what’s up with Ying… Ish. I also don’t really give a shit about her. SparkyMainForLife.

With Lesion:

The gadget is going to be ground-bound. There’s going to be no freedom with placing this. The more I think about it, the more obvious it it. Firstly, it says, “injecting” which requires contact. Not to mention he was data mined as “caltrop”. It’s likely to be one single instance of damage and a pro-longed slow effect. Currently there are no dot effects in Siege as when an OP takes damage than grunt. DoT = wall hacks.

I’d imagine that they are also pretty damn hard to see since being ground-bound will make them easy to check for.

I’m guessing he’ll have more mines that Ela. My guess is based on the fact that mines only have 1 charge. That’s it. And a mine that injects can’t have splash. So, at max 1 effects person per mine. Whereas Ela’s will have splash. In terms of damage, I’d guess 30-35. Since that’s roughly 1 less bullet to kill. If it did like 15 damage it’d make no difference in a fight. The slow needs to be significant. Either snails pace for a short time, or like a 33% reduced speed for like 15 seconds.

For Ela:

Grzmot means Thunder. This along with the icon heavily Implies splash. So, if two attackers run past one simultaneously they’ll both get stunned. Thus, why I think Ela will have fewer than Lesion.

Based on the description, these will be a little more free. I imagine they’ll be deployed similarly to Jäger’s ADS. I highly doubt it will be throwable. That wouldn’t make sense. Obviously the trade off for the extra freedom is the lack of a cloak.

Although speculation, I’m honestly fairly confident about Lesion. The name, with the datamined info, with the description and the game balance… It all makes sense.

However, with Ela, I’m kind of blundering in the dark. Just speculating to speculate. Also, I’m bad at balance numbers so… Yeah :smile:


According to the leaks (which so far have been correct more or less) they will be throw able, and will stick to surfaces. Also they could detonate mid-air if an enemy is in the path.
Again, leaks. Not confirmed.