Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


Changes that were in development will be released with the Season 3 patch.
This includes optimization to operators and maps, and new servers assuming they are working at intended.
(Just relaying info)


I just got an alpha pack with 2% =D


Decided to give it a another go.

Plane. 4 ping abusers.

OK Ubi :joy:


Changes haven’t even arrived mate.


Always like to give things second chances in case I judged them too harshly in frustration, even though I’ve given Siege hundreds of chances.

And the second game I played there was some guy doing this new Doc Stim glitch in every defence round.


i have only have ~140 hours in siege and the only hacker/glitch abuser that I’ve DEFINITELY been paired against is a valk on bank. It was once as well so you’re probably just unlucky


Bigger leak?

OP gadgets and appearances one polish 2 HK


Ubisoft running out of ideas.


To be fair, Buck is just a ranged Sledge and Hibana is Ash + Therm. Imo, it’s the same as TRS making adaptations.


How so?
Ela is just using an effect a different op uses but in a different way.
Lesion is entirely new.
And the attacker is using flashbangs in a new way, not unlike Thermite using glorified breaching charges.


Why the fuck is Kafe the only map where I can’t turn off the music by shooting the speakers?


Two mines Ops in one patch? Unique.

Sounds like Ela’s gadget is a Yokai minus the mobility and cam. That’s the way it was explained to me, anyway. If they weren’t running out of ideas, they wouldn’t regurgitate “invisible stunny thingy”

Not sure how to take the New attacker but other people understand it as Flashbang Fuze, in which case… Unique.

I understand, all we have is a simple description, but even if we don’t exactly understand the hows and whys, we have 2 mines, and another invisible stunning ability, while the Attacker had Flashbangs.


not what i’d call accurate. Since she can toss em not sure if they go through walls or not.


2 gadgets that do very different things with the only similarity being they have to be triggered by walking on/by it. These new operators are great for anti-rush strategies since now they have to take their time to not trigger these gadgets (also IQ will get a buff since now there is more stuff she and she alone can detect).

invisible stunny thing? Echo’s drone cloaks so that it’s hard to see while it gains intel. Lesion has his stuff cloaked to make it easier to get attackers to trigger it. Next you’ll tell me that Hibana just reused the ranged breaching tool.

Nah, the new attacker uses a “cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or rolled out as a grenade”. So not Fuze at all, seems like it’ll either trigger from proximity or maybe it’s like a Valk cam that sticks to surfaces? Not enough info to really know other than she gets a cluster of flashbangs.

Their is no new invisible stunny thing. Ela has concussion proximity mines, Lesion has cloaked mines that “injure opponents and limit their speed”. So probably a DoT and a slow, again we only know the basics of what they can do.
(This is all without taking into account their guns which are kind of cool).


I really wish ubi had gotten the people as good as the evolve sound designers working on R6S.

One round I’ll be able to pin point the enemy while being on a different floor and a few rooms away the next I can’t even hear them breach into the room below me.


Most likely what’s going to be the weapons we get with this season’s ops. Lot of cool guns we’re getting to see.


I like the GROM weapons not a fan of the look of the HK ones.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for them as anchoring and disrupting attackers is something I really enjoy, but they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel

Both proximity mines that cause disruption. Sure, one does CC one does less CC plus damage. Blue cow, red cow. Both cows.

Except both has a primary function which is disruption. The Yokais main purpose is not intel, thus why only Echo can view it and he can’t ping with it. Both invisible. These are slightly different, I admit, in function as one is a preemptive trap and the other is adaptable.

And Hibanas Gadget has a different function to normal breaching tools, it even has a different purpose built Thermites charges.

Didn’t mean to type invisible again… :joy:

And if we’re to assume that Yings Flash cluster is proximity based, we’re getting 3 proximity based traps in one update when we already have 2 traps in the game.


Which is not enough, which is obvious enough when we have the rush meta going on.

Yes he can’t ping with it but are you sure no one else can see it? I though you could see it as if it was a camera.

It is launched from ranged and it opens up holes in walls. Only difference between it and Ash or Thermite is that she does it on reinforced walls and that she can place multiple of them to open a larger hole. Similar to how Lesion uses hidden mine to cause damage and slow enemies while Echo uses a hidden drone to disrupt enemies and gain intel.

Yes, we will. We needed it. We still have a whole bunch of non-trap operators to play.

Give me a reason for this. The most they are doing is using existing effects to make new gadgets uses in new ways. It’s not as new as Jackal or Caviera, but Valk just uses throw-able cameras, Buck just has a shotgun on his rifle, and Capitao just uses glorified incendiary and smoke grenades.
Nothing against you as a person but it seems like you’re just trying to be mad/ticked off by these operators since we haven’t gotten anything in a while.


Lack of variation? Proximity disruption, proximity disruption, proximity disruption. Sure, not every OP has been Unique. Blackbeard got a shield on his face, Valk got cams but their function was unique. Valk revolutionised the defensive Intel game and Blackbeard… Well, I don’t think I need to get into how he changed the game. So, even if their gadget isn’t so creative, their function is unique. The only exception I can think of is Echo. He does disruption and as does Smoke, but a second disruptor was needed because:
A) There was too much riding on 1 person
B) There was no variation in that role.

We no longer need any more disruption. Between Mira, Smoke, Barbed Wire and Echo we have enough CC and zoning. Rushing isn’t an issue.

And I did say I was excited for them in a way as they introduce new Ops for the role I enjoy playing, but it seems like their out of ideas.

If you’re dead and you’re spectating Echo and he’s on Yokai you can see through it, but only then.

Except Hibana doesn’t have the same function as either of them. I mean if you dumb it down then Sledge, Buck, Ash, Thermite and Hibana are all the same, which simply isn’t the case. Thermite opens up entrances into the site through reinforcements. Hibana theoretically can do this, but that’s poor use of Hibana. She opens lines of sight or secondary entrances like hatches or little crawl holes. Ash opens quickly to entry frag. It’s no coincidence that her Gadget allows her to open things at range quickly yet allows her to use her gun when it goes off. Element of surprise is a huge part of her gadget.

Both Echo and Lesion will supply CC and and intel (I’m assuming there will be a sufficient audio queue of it go off and/or the Attacker grunting or something), just to slightly different degrees, as one also allows damage and gives less intel. Ultimately same function.

No we don’t. Attackers already have Claymores which are aids and they can always just watch a room themselves. All these proximity traps do is dumb the game down for people who are too lazy or too unaware or just to bad for watch something themselves and secure a kill that way.