Official Rainbow Six: Siege Thread


So far… this game is awesome!

For the people that judged everything broken in the beta… Are you serious?
The beta is used for exactly that, correcting errors.

Servers are fixed, and only have had one problem throughout the few days that I have been able to play this amazing game.

One error is that when you start a party search, only a few people get taken or none at all.
But the best part about this is that they are fixing this, so Im all good with what they are doing.

Tom Clancy has always been my favorite creator in games and books, so this game is a dream come true for me, especially with how much teamwork comes in this game.

As far as balance goes, I believe this game was insanely balanced, you cannot get to held up in an objective, and the Attackers are well equipped to take out a heavily fortified defending team. As well as Attackers that are heavily fortified to see the defenders out smart them.

Some people talk about their gamemodes, and I agree with some. I believe the amount of content they put out is just enough for me to handle. As they have stated that more content will be released as years go on.

Now one of my favorite things about this game, is the same thing that was my favorite with Battlefield-taking years to make the next game. This allowed the company to improve gamemodes and create a lot cooler characters and changes the game up.

This game is flipping amazing, great content, fixing the small amount of errors they have.
Love it.

Ive made this thread to talk about this game, and I will answer question people have about this game.
Happy Hunting.

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Yeah, that’s my issue with the game right now because I pretty much always have a full squad and it takes a while to get everyone into the same game. At least on XB I found that if you go under Squad > Switch Profile and click on your same account to refresh your server connection, you have a greater chance of having everyone in the match together.

Other than that, I’m loving the game, too. I find it interesting how R6:S has a lot of similarities to Evolve, can’t wait to see how it pans out.

  1. Multiplayer game (no campaign)
  2. Decent amount of content (as long as you get Season Pass)
  3. Server issues at launch (especially with Parties)
  4. Few game modes
  5. Moderate/steep learning curve
  6. Specific roles/characters
  7. DLC is mainly characters and cosmetic skins

There are a few others but I’m too tired to list them lol
Just like Evolve, I find I’ll play this game a lot more when I have friends online to join. I’ve never played a Tom Clancy video game but I agree this one is freaking great.


I encountered a lot of problems in the beta, mainly server related. I didn’t actually play many full games, but it’s a beta so it wasn’t going to be perfect. From what I played of it, I absolutely loved it. It has a nice steady pace so you have time to plan your actions.

I liked the feeling of playing as the defenders and waiting for the attackers to breach the building. You have no idea where they will breach so it makes the waiting really tense.

I’ll 100% be getting this game soon, possibly for christmas so I have my fingers crossed. :smile:


@MrTalha and @MultiDavid are the two glorious people who got me trough the open beta mostly unharmed.

…Or the other way around, considering I played pointman half the time.

The game is actually pretty good. Not a buy for me and my wallet, I need to be ready for steam sales, but I know a game like this will wait and not die anyhow soon.

Also, 10/10, when you say “Wait up, let me lead, I got a shield.” people actually listen.


I only got the last open Beta to work the last few hours. I teamed up with @Tomsmeatplatter and we even had fun when two members of our team decided to start a civil war and shoot me in the head.

I wanted to keep playing and I had PowerUp points to use, so I bought it. I keep running into people I’ve played Evolve with and teaming up. It’s fun.


The game is good …

I’m loving Blitz and Castle…


Sledge! Sledge! Sledge! Sledge! Sledge! He’s the best


us, they shot us in the head…lol


Well, we sure got them in the next round!


Never team kill, unless they’re afk. Then do it every time. They deserve it.


I am looking forward to the division

hopefully another amazing TC game!

On a different note, what would you rate R6S out of 10?


My only problem is just when Evolve released there wasn’t a lot of content. It’s amazing but it’s not worth $60. I wish it had campaign and more game modes. Besides that I’ve been having a lot of fun in it.


Yeah, I only got it because I had enough GameStop rewards to get a free game.

And I looked up new titles and there isn’t anything I’m interested in buying until around June of next year, so… I needed another fun game to switch out over the next 6 months lol

To me it feels like R6:S has less content than Evolve did at launch. And the Season Pass or Gold Edition (game w/ pass) seems like the the amount of content the base game should have. And that’s $90 worth instead.


Unlike evolve though, you don’t need their season pass because you’re getting all the content regardless of the pass or not (Evolve you don’t and its two different “hunting seasons” as opposed to one “season” pass.) with the Siege season pass–you just get a renown booster, access to the future operators a week early, and weapon skins.

But if you just rack up the points then you can unlock to operators like that when they’re released to the public.


Are you sure? I thought you have to pay for the extra Operators?


No you don’t. All maps and operators are free.


Nope, I’m like 88.95% sure the Dev team stated it more than once that for the future operators; with the pass you get them a week early and instant unlock.

All maps/modes will be free no matter what.


Yeah, not worth the extra $40 IMO


$30 actually.


Eh whatever. Including tax if you get the game and pass, it’s between 30 and 40

@Daisy_Slayer they did say that, I think they estimated it will take about 25 hrs to unlock each new Operator if you don’t pay for them either with the pass or R6 credits.