Official Evolve Wiki - Updated NOW!



Hi all!

So, we’ve been making a lot of updates to the game and we want to make sure all the information is easily accessible for you to get. We know the forums are awesome, but sometimes, it’s great to have a good ol’ fashion Wiki.


We’ve been working with the guys over at the >>Official Evolve Wiki by Gamepedia<< to make sure you guys have all the info.

They’ve already started the update for Evolve: Stage 2 and will have even more info soon! Our very own balance bros @Insane_521 and @LordDeath are getting together all the hunter and monster stats to send their way. We didn’t have it quite ready on our end in time, but hopefully we’ll get that all together soon.

So, check it out, wiki it up.





How have I never seen this wiki before! It is so beautiful!!!


Uhh I looked at the patch notes for stage 2 on their website and when I scrolled down to the founders hunters or whatever there are shadows of characters that I can’t recognize at least and a question mark right next to it. Before I get crazy and ahead of myself is it what I think it is?


Adaptations. :wink:


Giddy up :scream:


As an update, we are looking to get more info that you guys have been asking for on the wiki soon! Like perk info!


I had in mind to do my own wiki but in French, but i’m not aware of my rights about it, maybe i could contribuate and expend yours in my own langage ? Could we talk a bit about it ?


We don’t run the wiki. Let me see if I can find who you would need to talk to over there.


ok thanks :slight_smile:


This wiki has gone to hell…



@LadieAuPair @mizx :open_mouth:


It’s a wiki, anyone can edit it.

I’ve censored it for now.


Aaah! Sorry, I’m a internet noob, plus I barely check Wikis :sweat:


Lol, I don’t have an account for Wiki anymore so I can’t edit it either :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you King

You got it all wrong! It’s “Bucket is Bae” :wink:


You got it all wrong! It’s “Emet is Bae”


@LadieAuPair Dislikes you now :stuck_out_tongue:


No. Emet is more lovable than Bucket is. He will change her to like me.


I think you need to settle somethin @LadieAuPair :scream: