Official Battleborn Discussion Thread


So ye. Battleborn. What’s happenin’ with that? Also, new snake character looks coolio.


I’ve been playing it on and off. Great game to pick up and drop as desired. Just got a good legendary from those epic Shift codes.

My favorite characters are Rath, Boldur, Montana, Ghalt, Marquis and Oscar Mike, but I like a lot more than that.


Master of the Whiskey Foxtrot woo woo. Also only have I think 10 more to complete lore


Holy grindy lore challenges. The 500 melee kills alone was enough to make me walk away and I like Whiskey.


Just do the Renegade. Those little yellow explody bastards count and when ya set off a chain each also count as a melee kill. ANNNNNND at the very end the hordes of grunts lol


Hmm, might work on him later. Just finished up Boldur’s lore. His stuff was fun. I’d love to finish Ghalt, but those ten first blood kills are just never gonna happen.


First bloods are not too much of a hassle (especially in capture) I think I’m 6/10 but the 100 jennerit trap kills that’s the annoying one I’m only at 40 something lol


I thought we already had one of these threads? Did it get closed


That was for the beta.


I don’t really like Boldur or Montana. Their designs seem… I don’t know, too exaggerated and silly for me.

My personal top five, from least to most favorite (but I like them all!) are Oscar Mike, Miko, Marquis, Alani, and finally my boi Whiskey Foxtrot.


Eyyyyyyy Whiskey Foxtrot’s my boi!


Niaccurshi said I was good to make one.

Edit: Also what TMTR said.


Ohmahgawd! That what TMTR stands for??? I never knew that


Anyone else think Oscar Mike bears a striking resemblance to Isaac Clarke (Mr Dead Space)?


Not me. He seems to me (personality wise) a lot different from Isaac, actually. Almost an opposite of Isaac, to be quite frank.


Personality wise I agree. I was just talking about his look. Guess it’s just the mask.


“Capital Gains” - Marquis (My personal favorite, still busy with the lore challenges for it)


Well, yeah, the front of his mask is pretty similar, but that’s where the extent of the similarities end for me.


I love them both. Beards! Boldur has some great lines. I love tossing his explosive axe and he can tank damage like nobody’s business. Montana is a lovable goon. I love either freezing or burning people with bullets and dashing into them for the kill.

Phoebe, Reyna, Whiskey, Galilea, Alani, Deande and Caldarius are all on my list too. There are some characters I just straight up don’t enjoy. Either design, personality, playstyle or all of the above.


I actually do like Caldarius quite a bit.