Offer Refunds to 'Founders'


Hello Everyone,

Like most of you, I was very excited for Evolve. I genuinely enjoyed the beta and could not wait for the full release, which is actually why I pre-ordered the game. Unfortunately, among my group of friends, I was the only one to get the game. I often got shafted into the role of the monster because of this and found my initial experience quite vexing.

I gave the game an honest chance. I sincerely wanted it to be good and I still really want a fun multiplayer experience. Unfortunately, the community on PC is very low. For a game tailored around a multiplayer experience, this is a crippling reality and makes Evolve virtually unplayable unless you’re on at peak times in particular timezones. I’ve tried now and then, but I can never seem to find a match.

The game has sat in my Steam library, uninstalled, for some months now. I don’t think I’ll ever launch it again and I don’t have confidence in the F2P direction to make a large enough stir to revive the online community. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, and as such, I think it would be a good idea for Turtlerock to offer some sort of reimbursement or partial refund for the ‘Founders;’ those that bought the game initially.

I would just like my money back, even some of it, if that’s possible. I love TRS and have supported the studio since 2004 when I bought Counter-Strike: Source & Condition Zero. I will continue to look forward to future titles by TRS, but Evolve is one game that I have sorely regretted purchasing. The F2P announcement has left me feeling swindled out of the money I paid and I personally do not consider the in-game rewards that are being projected for Founders to be worth the $70 price I originally paid. I do not wish to wait for the in-game rewards to accumulate to an equitable level, I just want my cash back. I would be more than glad to contact Steam Support and remove it from my library indefinitely, if that would assist.

Thanks for reading and for your consideration.


You can only get your money back within 2 weeks from the date of purchase and with only 2 hours or less of game play time per Steam rules. Why not just re-install and give it a go now…you might surprise yourself.


We’re at 12,000+ at the last count! :smiley:


I agree. I don’t think many people wanted to put $100 towards a Free to Play game, as Evolve now is a very different product that what was initially marketed. Also as usual, very little communication from Turtle Rock on this matter. I only just heard of Evolve going free to play yesterday, which is probably also on purpose. Wouldn’t want people knowing what schemes are happening would we?


Honestly, this is like asking for a refund after owning a car for months and saying it’s got too many miles on it. Completely illogical.


Try legal resaons, this has already been confirmed to be why the F2P model wasn’t advertised until the last 48 hours.


That is certainly a deal more than the few thousand that were around when I left. However, that 12,000 is no doubt spread across multiple timezones and I imagine getting into matches would still require a significant amount of effort on the part of the player to figure out what time would be best just to hop into a match.


There’s no time like the present. People have been playing non-stop all day. The more people that play the more exposure Stage 2 gets and the bigger the playerbase grows.


I have asked Steam Support for a refund shortly after purchasing the game, but was denied because of the policy. I logged 2 hours and 9 minutes when I requested the refund and that was, apparently, too much play time for the request to be approved. I have played more since, in hopes of having a better experience, but it was for naught. Now I’m reaching out to the developers, as it’s my only option.


Well they also kept the day 1 cash shop (which they said they would never do day 1 DLC) under wraps as to lock in pre-orders and delay the shitstorm that was soon to come.


Only option for what? There’s no reason for a refund after more than a year.


You mean the optional DLC that had no impact on gameplay whatsoever?


Again, I have very little confidence that the new F2P model will revive the community. I am fatigued with simply trying to get into matches to have a good time. I’ve been having a better experience on L4D2 in the past year than I did with Evolve some months ago.


And that’s fine. That’s completely your prerogative. For what it’s worth I hope that you’re wrong. I’d like to see Evolve keep going for a long time.


That would be a great thing, but from my perspective, things look grim for the community. I hope I’m wrong as well and that the community picks up, but from my perspective, I simply don’t see it happening.


We’ll see what happens. Unfortunately I don’t believe anyone here can help with your refund request. Evolve did come out well over a year ago and TRS doesn’t have the power to make refunds. That can only be done by the point of purchase, in this case Steam.


No, this is like buying a car that’s really shitty with the promise from the manufacturer that it will get better. Then later the manufacturer says ‘hey the car is free for everyone! no refunds lol!’

It’s funny how zealously you defend it. But yes, that one. The very principle that they had a cash shop with skins in it that weren’t included in the pre-order is downright dirty. Like oh hey, you gave us $100 up front, but we still have more stuff for you to buy! Shitty recolors of guns that took the intern like 2 hours lololol, that will be $3. Sure they are optional, but the fact is that Evolve is the definition of shitty business practice within gaming, and that wanting a refund after a bait and switch maneuver isn’t what a lot of people would call ‘illogical’. In fact it makes a lot of sense. Now will any refunds happen? Of course not. But it makes sense that people are upset.


Things were looking grim for the PC community. last I checked our peak players were like 300 and that was over the course of a month. I had to go check on that. We’re literally at 50% our community strength during the month it launched. And we’re talking in less than 12 hours after it released. Who knows how many more we’re going to get once the slower people like myself actually finishes downloading and begins playing the game.


Think of it like this: You bought the car. You thought, “maybe I should return it”. The dealer specified under which conditions you should return the car. You exceeded all the limitations, and the dealer is no longer obligated to refund the car. Regardless of the condition of the car, your perception of the car, my perception of the car.


Doesn’t really fit because the dealer didn’t start giving the car to everyone for free but missing some features. I’m not saying people should get a refund but this car thing doesn’t make sense.