Odd "Rock Smash" combo


I was playing a game last night and ended up with a rather odd combination that, upon trying to recreate (mostly because I thought it was pretty amazing and kind of just a little bit too strong) it was unable to replicate my results, even if it was a half-hearted attempt for around 15 minutes in the tutorial. It seems as though there is a trigger to enable you to “Rock Smash” or leap smash + rock throw at the same time.

I didn’t slow the video down or anything, and I’m sorry for the choppiness but I’m not exactly a professional movie maker. If you look closely you can see that the damage is dealt in 2 parts, so the animation isn’t just bugged. Both abilities triggered essentially simultaneously and dealt a massive amount of damage at once.

Am I crazy or is this a legitimate bug?

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)



holy shit that is crazy in so many ways


I’ve seen that happen quite often to its pretty cool to watch


that was pretty cool tbh


To cool, don’t fix.


Haha that looks amazing




Maybe this is a legit feature? Lol. Imagine Fire Charge then, or…


The synergy is real.


pleaseeeee do not take that out of the game. that was the most beautiful thing i have ever witnessed. @Thoraxe27 watch this wombo when u get a chance.

you guys call it bug. i call it tech. i must try this now! must have something to do with the cliff!

Edit: OMFG LOLOL i can watch this all day. something a goliath would do in real life hahaha that is AMAZING


Wombo Combo guys! WOMBO COMBO



BOOOOOOM! :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:


Oh my good lord that looked awesome.

That is a wombo combo though… my God… Just full health basically then dead :joy::joy::joy::joy:

But seriously @Macman… take a look at this one lol.


but take your time fixing macman. i would like to try this at least once or twice to be able to scream in happiness.

I would lose the match in order to get this to work lolol


Yeah I did that before, I felt hella beast.

So long as the damage doesn’t stack, maybe they could be legit combos? After all you’re sacrificing 2 cooldowns for a super deadly hit.


someone already posted this on the beta.


Goliath with that slam dunk from half court!


Can we combo Melee Attack with Leap Smash to create…


I don’t see the problem… Goliath smash da puny hunter!

jkjk, I am sure @MrStrategio is already looking at this!