Oculus Rift - how is it?


So, who got it, what games did you get and what do you think of it?


My review on the Oculus Rift as a person who lacks an OR:

Get an HTC Vive.


It looks really in depth!!


I did. But that’s irrelevant. I want to hear from people who got it and what they think of it. If I would get Oculus, I would want to get touch controllers too.


Touch controllers do look cool. So does the oculus.


Ahahahahah I loved that episode.


Expensive! The Rift is expensive and the PC required to run it has to be a monster of a machine. Then you run into the issues of setting up support, as a lot of games don’t have native support for it, most being modded support. So I would say it isn’t worth it at the moment.