Oculus Quest, please describe functionality

With the Oculus Quest release along with those excellent TRS VR experiences. I have been wondering about the hardware but i cant find my desired info or at leadst a better description of it.

  1. how does it retrieve and load game media…
  2. is it completely anonymous from the pc or is it required for certain aspects.
    3)what does it do for an onlinw connection
  3. all ways of charging unit.

If anyone with experience sees this, please give a thoughtful write-up for someone on the go.

Much appreciated, love and light

No one has answered you yet?!?

I don’t have a Quest – I have an Oculus Go and an Oculus Rift S. Nevertheless, I will answer as if I know what I’m talking about!

  1. I’d be very surprised if it worked differently from the Go. That device downloads software from the internet, over wifi.
  2. It is a standalone device, in that the computer that drives it is built in. Online connection via wifi. Presumably. The Go also has a phone app that I use to manage the device. Idk if there are other ways to manage it. An Oculus account is also required, I use the phone app for that too.
  3. Charge via USB cable. Assuming it’s like the Go.

Thank you, so any guesses on internal storage space?

There are 2 different models you can get. One with 64GB and one with 128GB. Most games so far aren’t too big in terms of storage space, so 64GB should be more than enough unless you plan on keeping all of your games installed at once. It depends whether you think the extra storage is worth the extra money. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: