October Event - Shear Horror!

Decoy, SN, and a passive for Wraith.

Hopefully we get it next update. It’s logical right? Next update all we get is crates while the next we get a new game mode and a new map? She has to come next update!!

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Yeah me to I was hopping to see the phantome wraith for this time of halloween not a ice behemoth which is normal counterpart as a skin name glacial which looks like ice…I like the idea of a ice behemoth but comon on Halloween really, it should be on november or december for chrismast.

I know there is anew haverster skin for wraith (really looks aswome) but still the phantom wraith should a being it instead of this monster that shouldn’t be realesed at this date. Look if you are giving a backstory quantum caira about a wraith name the phantom which gives her power than put a hiden teaser of a wraith( in paladin parnell mune screen) than why are you making it wait for longer when you have the perfect moment to realsed it. This new monster should be realesed on the holidays seasons for a more appropriate timing. My Hipe level were so high of the idea of a new wraith which could have is decoy abilites back and new ones, I was so excited and then a big letdown happen when I saw a blurred pictures which lookt like a blue behemoth.

I love this game but they could have found a better moment to realesed it, I mean we have glacier behemoth skin at the moment. could they wait for winter to make it.

This is only my opinion and my reason that I disagre for the idea of a ice behemoth at the momenté

The thing is right now Wraith is shit. Nothing more to add she is simply shit.

I am actually happy that they decided to fix her during Halloween. For me it’s fitting that the spookiest monster gets her refactor right now. It wouldn’t be really good on TRS side to release an adaptation for a monster that is complete trash without fixing it.

The reason they made the Bob adaptation come out first is because in the past months they were working on how to fix up Bob. It’s pretty safe to say that during that time they also thought of making his adaptation.

You could say that they should focus more on fixing the other monsters. I think that they actually fixed some of the monster’s problems on the last last patch. Back then it’s only OG and Kelder, when the DI perks came in Gorgon and MG took a step up however Kraken and Wraith are still in a bad spot. Bob is currently still being looked at.

I honestly don’t mind getting a new monster. It gets boring cycling among the 5 monsters while the hunters get new toys. By the end of this month we will now have 7 playable monsters.


Hi I am new to the community but I really l like Evolve


Hello Gvity welcome to the Evolve forums, hope you enjoy your stay with the monsters and hunters of Evolve.


Welcome to the forums of TRS then. If you are new to the community, I recommend you to visit this thread and learn some things about the game and mostly the forums

Feel free to post your thoughts and suggestions as you wish.


Welcome welcome! Have you started playing at Stage 2


I think Evolve is fun


Naw I aint got a pc

I would say I know the basics of the game but since i have never played i really cant say

I am getting Evolve for my birthday on my ps4


Suspens music activated!


lol whats your guys/gals favorite monster

Mine is Bob, or more precisely the Behemoth

In that order but I love them all

Anyway, gotta go sleep for high school (it’s 1am :grin:)

Same he has some nice skins to i like bloodrock and jade

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i got no school tomorrow and its only 7 30 in america

Glacial is #1

Yeah you are right but she isn’t really shit but she is challenging. But I admit that she needs so buff right now but she and the kraken can be really powerful in the hands of a good player, for exemple I am level 40 wraith and I know the best strategies but I also admit that she can be really useless some time similar to the kraken but he as the same thing.

Also there are currently 7 monster not 5 and there will be 8 monster at the end of the week.

But I do admit that I like the new behemoth adaptation, plus, the new skin of wraith is so GODAMD AMAZING, it fit her perfectly for Halloween, I hope that they will let us keep the skin.