Obsidian Beetles are OP


Just had a game end in a draw because one wiped my team and killed the monster. Nerf pls.


Takes more than one bullet to kill?.. “Must be OP”


Obsidian beetles, the little beetles that hide in their tiny shell? Or do you mean the big dune beetles that eat everything.


The little ones. They’re monsters.


Tripped over a rock and made a boo-boo on my leg. Rocks are OP.


Ohh! I was gonna say. Dune beetles are weak!!! Obsidian beetles are savages, I bet that we will be able to play as them soon…:smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Obsidian Beetles don’t give a shit


Them beetles man.
They share a theme song with Behemoth.



Man, I hear you. Obsidian Beetles are a menace on monster society.

And they’re in cahootz with those freaky glaciopods, i swear.


Their poo is especially OP.