Observer Mode?


I have a ps4 copy of evolve and a ps4 how the HELL do i use observer mode


Observer Mode can only be used in Custom Games.


Too bad, I intended to stalk you in your games. ^.-


Shin you stalk me everywhere. You said so yourself on another thread-

“I’m always watching.”

That’s exactly what you said.


I’ll figure out a way to make that true in your Evolve matches.
Can’t make a liar of myself.
But then again, it can be interpreted in a few different ways. ^.-


Liar, Shin, not “lier.”


Why thank you! ^.^


lol thats so funny.


Not funny when you’re on the receiving end of Shinny’s stalking.


Wait he or she actually does this?in that case kinda creepy.


:smiley: <This smile likes staring into souls.


Yes. He does this. N’that right, Shinny?


Why wouldn’t I stalk people? Isn’t that normal? <O.o


Yeah, as said already you can only use the observer mode in a custom game for now, theres a seperate slot you have to pick as the observer.
So it’s really only used in practise games for premades to analyze the games or tournament games with only one observer slot for shoutcasting. It’s no simple league of legends/dota style observer drop in as you may expected.


sooooo…i can watch games in a custom game ON my ps4 'cause i started a custom and i didnt even see the slot


The Observer works only in custom multiplayer matches.

Multiplayer -> Custom -> Start Match -> Start Game (Custom) -> Observer
Though you need some players to fill at least one slot I think to be able to start the game.


For anyone who still needs to know how to do this I assume for the trophy in arena… You must go to custom games in MULTIPLAYER. You cannot select observer mode if you are in solo mode. I assume anyone who was talking here however long ago figured it out - but for anyone new that shows up to find out how.