Observer Mode isn't the way I thought it would be


Why can you only observe custom live game of friends? And only 1 observer? I think X amount of people should be able to observe the latest game ANYONE played via the leaderboard (no live observing). This way people can observe high ranked people and learn without cheating (telling positions). Maybe tournament Evolve observer mode should be thrown in it as well.


I know I wouldn’t want everyone to know my secret strats. Not to say I cheat or use exploits- I do not- but I use certain tactics I don’t want everyone to hear about and ruin/use.


So maybe what he was saying but add the option of if you allow people to view your recent matches? I was actually hoping observer mode would go a bit further to allow just random match making myself that way people can get a grasp as to how others are making certain builds and team comps work


As long as it’s optional then sure. Why not?


Well, imagine a friend of hunter’s team joins as observer and using teamspeak or whatever else to tell them exactly where the monster is.

But if you’re talking about observing the games that was already finished, that’d require 2K to record every game and keep replays on their servers, don’t think they’d ever do that.

A function for players to record replays on the other hand is a much better option and that’s how it’s done in a lot of games. This way I have an option whether I want to record a replay and upload it somewhere or not.


Yeah I was thinking of that. Top 10 leaderboard should do though. Plus observer able tournaments that have been played .


I will learn of these tactics.
~Watches all the time~


I’m no programmer, but a system that logs every input from every player, instead of recording, would allow anyone to recreate the match on their own system.
I believe that’s the kind of system used in strategy and fighting games and the like.


Yes it works that way and it requires much less data to stock on the servs

To me the current observer mode is worthless, seriously who makes a custom game and invite someone and say “hey come watch us play !” ? I’d rather just stream my game or whatever.

When people are watching a game it is to see new strats coming from high ranked players, at the moment it brings nothing to the table, even though it is well made. We should be able to see some match highlights from the menu of the game, and be able to replay our last 10 matches.

They are already recording games because the Evolve App already can do that, so why not make the same with the real engine rather than a simple map on a smartphone ?


Another approach would be to add an “Observer” preference to the current system. That way you could just search for open lobbies or ongoing games to check it out.