Observer Mode Gameplay


Not sure how many have seen this but Observer Mode looks awesome. I’m not usually one for just watching, but this could be an awesome tool.

ESport Viability (Replay-Observer Mode)
Observer Mode

Looks similar to what happens when you join a full lobby with better UI. Looks good TRS.


nice ! just watched the vid and I gotta say its really cool.

not only does it come out just when the game kicks off setting foot into e-sports, its also super close to release still

im exited


My only irk is the camera. It seems a bit…wonky. Especially near walls.


I’m so excited. Can anyone say what the “survival chance” is based on?


Amount of armor/HP armor the monster have, how many hunters are alive so on and so forth


All right. I would like the option to disable that. I think it’s a bit of unnecessary clutter which will be cool for some people but a waste of space for others.

edit: This is by far the least required request. Just a cool feature that would be nice but please don’t waste dev time on it when other things are more important.


Don’t underestimate how important the streaming and watching of competitive matches is in keeping this game around in the long term.


Fun fact: There is a bug shown in that video. In the first fight Trapper picks up the damage buff, but once she gets downed once(not killed) the buff disappears from the Spectator UI.


Love the inclusion of spectator/observer mode. But please add an option to switch to a first person view instead of only third person. A free cam would be a great option too. :slight_smile:


^ A thousand times this.


Observer mode looks really good.
My congratulations to the TRS team.


@MacMan I have one HUGE issue with this.

What stops two guys from getting on Skype, where one of them goes into spectate mode and relays where the monster is to the other guys?


I’m curious to know if the jetpack fuel can be displayed as well. It is an important resource for hunters, especially when about to be on the receiving end of a Rock Throw.

Overall it looks very nice, another reason to wait impatiently for the patch.

@Titangilas: There will probably be a delay


Cool, but if it doesn’t have a free cam I likely won’t use it too much. Hopefully that gets added.


Nice, i think its bring a lot of fun :smiley:


Looks great,
Tho it absolutely needs point of view mode and freecam mode. @MacMan any chance for those modes being implemented?

@Titangilas Most likely it wont be real time if it is implemented on general play. It will have significant delay to make ghosting pointless. For custom games it would be great if you could change the delay time.


Or on a console, if you’re in a party with the hunters and waiting to join the next game, too. I’ll probably be using this the most for when I’m waiting for my friends.

I guess just don’t be a douche?


Cool feature. It seems to be part of this craze to get Evolve into the e-Sports scene. I guess a lot of developers are vying for this, seeing the success and attention games can get in that way.

Now I am just going to throw it in here… not sure if it’s fair or not, but I would have rather seen them spent their time making patches. Once some of the bugs and balance issues so ubiquitously discussed here on the forums have been ironed out they can spent more of their resources on e-sports etc.


Different teams do different things. The artists, for example, or working on new DLC and aren’t needed for patching right now outside of extremely minor graphical glitches. This is mostly a UI team and as such, once the steam overlay bug is fixed, they don’t have much else to do, hence working on something else.