Observer bug?


So a guy joined the game as observer I think when the monster was AI and 4 hunters were playing. When we killed the monster the game didn’t end. So the observer guy was flying around as a camera. And he noticed we couldn’t really see him so he went to birds so it triggered and we came there and shot him.


I’m currently in a similar game. Joined as a monster but :

  • I’m technically a disembodied ghost, while a Goliath is roaming the map
  • I can trigger birds
  • My HUD shows two bars of health and similar armor, no skills
  • It’s a Behemoth HUD according to the long stamina bar


Same happened to me. Monster was AI and upon joining I had a tiny sliver of health. It was on one of the acid maps and I flew my ‘whatever it was (camera?)’ into the acid and when my health got to zero it switched over to the Monster AI and I proceeded to take control of it from there. It was strange indeed.