Observer becoming The Director


What if the Observer could change the weather, spawn/prevent birds, and overall affect a match while it is going on in a Custom game? This could help new players get a better handle or for people learning Monster.


Sounds interesting but you need to write some more details on what could the observer do on those custom matches


Sounds like a fun idea. i think you mean it a little like the commander mode from Battlefield? the ability to drop a supply crate with a random buff etc. just some wild ideas :stuck_out_tongue: i aprove of this! @MacMan @SlabOMeat @chloe @DamJess we need this


Bingo. Let manipulation commence. This is an open discussion after all.


This is a discussion.


why do i think black and white?


This would be so awesome.


And suddenly 50 Mammoth Birds appear!

Director Wins.


Carrion Birds. Everywhere. The Monster shall know my pain and what I have to go through with those damned birds EVERY time I try to be all sneaky like!

Know my paiiiiin!!




Oh, just one is enough… :wink: