OBS and Evolve do not like each other


This has been a bug since The Big Alpha and now. OBS gets closed as does Evolve. I’m not a smart man as I haven’t thought to screenshot the error. This has happened to me twice tonight in the span of an hour.

Also let us join friends again D: These DCs suck as I cant get back in and actually help them.


I’ve never encountered this bug before… And I used OBS and Evolve together quite a few times. .-.


Ill attempt to grab a bug screen shot next time. I’ve already tried reinstalling the game. It just decides to kamikaze obs and the game. That and screw up my audio settings.


My OBS runs fine with Windows 10 and latest patch of Evolve… I have everything set to default dint change any settings.

Does it crash while u Stream or Record ?


I have no issues with obs and evolve. Are you running OBS in admin mode?


I am. I will stream it again tonight and see what happens.


I also do a lot of streaming and haven’t had any issues. It might be some sort of configuration? (Aside from alt tabbing minimizing Evolve)


Is it a DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG Error? We have a thread for that… Tell us the status of DXGI_Device_Hung_Error
Do you have a GTX 970 or something similar?


I do have a 970. Cant remember the error. I close everything quickly to toss the stream back up and try to rejoin my friends. However it seems rejoining matches off of friends is no longer an option.


They can invite you back through the pause menu, just FYI. We are hard at work at trying to fix this bug.


Noted. anything i can do to help you guys with this bug?


http://i.imgur.com/kVpzbDk.jpg?1 I wasn’t even streaming. It messed up my audio settings. Game crashed and whatnot :confused:


I hadn’t even known people were having the issue. o.o


Hung error is so strong… has just happened to me three times in the span of 2 hours


Welcome to my world. 7+ in one day, most of them in 5minutes or less
get used to it until the fix is out


Just tried restarting my PC. Stream got interrupted 3 more times since the last post. Restarted pc to see if that would push the errors back.


I have the DHE for 10months now. I tried everything and, even if restard would had helped me, I wouldn’t do it because I don’t want to restart my stream every 5minutes


Add two more Hung error crashes onto that. :frowning:

Edit: Decided to just stop streaming for now. Going to bed. Cya for now.