Objective/Balance whining


This one’s for the devs: I’ve watched every gameplay video out there, I believe, and never once has a monster won via destroying the final objective. Furthermore, it seems to me that it takes so long for any real damage to be done to the generator that there is a lack of urgency for the Hunters, who are pretty damn mobile and can halt its progress easily. So my questions are:

Firstly, will the generators be any easier to take down for the monster at launch?

Secondly, around how many matches would you say actually finish with the monster destroying its objective?


uhh u missed one match then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: the monster kills all hunters and the drop ship timer just so happened to run out. then they spawned on the other side of the map. the monster destroyed the objective b4 they could get there. look up mrE reveals e3 tourney d3 on youtube!


Will do! But even then, that’s a singular example out of many matches posted.

Also, and again, this is really just whining because I have utmost faith in your collective abilities to balance these things, but are Banshee Mines useful at all? They’re slow, give their position away easily, and are fragile.


Two answers, One, the objective is not meant to be a means for the monster to win, it only forces the final confrontation. The main objective in this game is to kill the other team, not to destroy the objective. They don’t want the monster to win by destroying the objective. Also, the banshee mines are mostly a trap/distraction move more than an attack


In my mind, I don’t see why distractive purposes and damage dealing can’t reconcile well. They’re just somewhat useless in comparison with the other abilities, it seems. Also, same goes for the objective. I’m not seeing why it can’t force confrontation while also remaining as a legitimate winning strategy for the monster.


It can work if the hunters dnt want to take the risk of a low hp monster getting full armor again. they chase the monster and he backdoors to the objecive. otherwise a full hp goliath will ignore the hunters completely and just win by objective every game


That does sound like something that would happen, but a single shot is enough to make it stop, right? I was under the impression that it had to be uninterrupted.


If you take damage while attacking it, you stop attacking it


Yeah currently i think its any damage stops you from eating or destroying the objective.I think a way they can balance it is if he starts the attack on the objective for x amount of time. even while shot he finishes that animation of damage. not a bad trade off since thats free damage the hunters can land. otherwise say were on the dam. and i figure out a certain angle where i can see the objective. even if we all spawned on the other side of the map one laz or val shot wud stop the monster. or a boss bucket cud navigate one rocket all the way over there.


You guys should keep in mind that most of the matches posted have been people playing for the first time. And it’s also only been a small handful of games.

I’ve personally lost several games to the Monster destroying the generator. It just depends how the rest of the game goes and I think the specific map plays a part as well.

It may not be as common a win condition, but it definitely happens. Maybe ya’ll can reserve some judgment on balance until you’ve played a bit, eh? :wink:


I feel like it wouldn’t be coming out in 3.5 months if it wasn’t already polished most of the way. Looking forward to taking down my first generator


This is correct. The destroy objective is like a safety valve, it prevents degenerate gameplay where players just run around the map forever.

That and the timer, and really good map design, all force a certain flow of conflict.


They certainly didn’t post a video of it, but I’ve destroyed the generator. It does take pretty long, and even a single shot will stop you from from doing so, but you can either have the hunters far away like in the stream, or like me lure them away and around corners to get small hits in.


I am, for the most part; just picking out a few things that I noticed as commonplace haha.

@kyronr600, that was a good video. I’ve seen most of the middle, but not the beginning or end. I’m assuming the panicked scientists/villagers weren’t included since it was an alpha demo. And that’s not a bad idea.

@Matthew, understood, was just hoping to see more of the final result (though I’m sure it’s happened quite a few times in unrecorded sessions).


Your username, man. Your username.
Yeah, I’ve gotcha.


I like the idea of several smaller generators just in case one big one overly favors the hunters. That way they can’t be too passive, and just leave a guy or two to peck at the monster to keep it off the generator.

A strong decisive finishing fight that leaves one hunter or two alive needs to put those two hunters on point. Not allow them to run off if the timer is close.

That way they can still protect some of the generators at minimal risk, the monster has a goal for breaking the most exposed generators first, and the downside being that the hunters can show up and immediately stop em.

Maybe that could be some sort of random map variable?


I like the concept, because you’re right. Hunters like Lazarus, Bucket, and Hankaroonie can even cloak while fleeing and waiting to regroup for a few seconds. Or even hang around, cloak, and fire at the monster if it tries to damage the generator. I see Lazarus and his nigh-undetectable rifle pulling this off, especially.


I remember watching one vid where the monster succeeded in destroying the generator once he’d incapacitated all of the other hunters.


Have you got a link?


It was one of E3 tournament matches, but I don’t know which one.