Objectified Accolade is Broken


The Accolade for Objectified appears broken to me.

The accolade is supposed to count-up with each time that you as a monster win the Hunt mode map by breaking the power relay. I have tested this thoroughly and while my other accolades continue to increase, this one accolade stays stuck at 22/28 no matter how many times I kill the power relay and ignore the last surviving hunter(s).

I am on the PC version of the Evolve game. I have tested this Accolade’s lack of progress using all 4 monsters and tested it using all possible maps.

The only thing I have not tested is whether it is occuring to me on both solo mode and multiplayer mode or not. Because frankly I am such a bad monster player that I have difficulty surviving against real hunter teams manned by humans instead of AI. xD


Just replying to confirm that a recent patch fixed the Objectified accolade either by intention or by complete happenstance. It is now correctly counting up. (Which also means that I have now finished yet another accolade to being maxed out. xD)