O M F G, dem servers!


What’s up with those shitty servers? (PC)

Like, almost 25% of all matches now end with “No Steam profile signed in” or “Connection to host has been lost”.
Those 2 error messages require the LACK OF INTERNET CONNECTION.
So please do explain why I keep getting those errors while I DO have a connection!

Seriously, the chat, both voice and text, even still works the second before I get thrown back into the main menu. It’s so bloody frequent now that the result screen countdown timer gets stuck and I just know I’ll be kicked soon. Or when everybody freezes in place in-game to simulate lag despite the fact that the chat still functions fine.

For the love of god, do something about this. It’s like all the public lobbies are being hosted on a Gameboy Advance but even that can’t be 100% right because it’s a bug that’s causing this, not a connection issue.

So to summarize, I already know that:
*It’s very unlikely to be connection related
*I’m far from the only one with this so don’t even bother with “hurr check your firewall”
*This happens to probably every lobby

(Sorry if I seem a little upset, that’s probably because I AM upset.)


u seem a lil upset dood, hav u chekd ur firewal? if not its probs conectshin relatd tbh


Ahh nuh me firewal seems all gud. Do I jus’ delete ze win32 folder?


it does? hm. dats weerd. an idk wat a win32 foldr is. also, plz try to right ur sentens beter plz. itz hard tryna read dat


Bump ~ This shit’s happening 50% of all matches now.
You would assume the developers cared about these things, evidently not.
I guess it’s all okay because I can still buy Photoshop hue shifts for 4.99.


I’m unsure as to what the problem is too, considering I get this from time to time (not as much as how much you said you do, which is weird because my PC is about 4 years old)
The problem seems to occur for me in the start of the dropship, I either get a black screen or something fails to load, the screen freezes, and then before I know it, my steam is offline.


This will keep happening until it happens all the time. Then it’ll stay like that for a month or two (maybe more), and then randomly one day it will work with no problems.

This happened to my friend and I before. Same thing happened to both of us…


I haven’t got almost any error for connection lost etc.I do play mostly customs but i don’t think it matters.Like i got 2 times out of 50 games the connection to host lost.

PS.If it says no steam log on that means that Steam is down and Evolve can’t do anything about that.
Or someone loggin with your steam.Bottom line its a steam fault not Evolve.