O/ Didn't played since august :D


o/ How it’s going? we’re still dead right? checkin steam charts and see 350/180 counts on day/night. lol, like i said in my last topic, august totally destroyed this game. :frowning:

Still matchmaking for 40+ minutes to just get 1 round?


not for me. 5 mins top with a team of 4.

As a monster I’d say it’s between 5 and 15. It really depends on the time and day.


probably they fixed this. i remember times when i find evac/hunt in less than 30 secs with all random people :slight_smile:

so beautiful game… great idea… so awful balance changes… is it still feels like gamepad on keyboard?


I don’t believe it took 40+ minutes that sounds like an exaggeration sorry


Hello, feel free to use one of the existing topics to discuss the game! Thanks.