NYC Launch Party February 11th


HI Everyone,

I’ve been trying to contact someone from PR or Marketing for weeks. There’s about 5 gaming organizations coming together to host an Evolve Launch Party the day after. We’ve got everything set for a venue one block away from Times Square. I’m just not putting the information down yet because I have been hoping TRS or 2K answers one of the emails I have sent them.

If anyone knows a quicker and direct way to contact TRS or 2K, please let me know. There’s a lot of people putting effort into this event and we just want to see if we can get direct support for the event.



If you’re trying to contact TRS on the forums you should tag them like
@MacMan @Chloe @DamJess etc

2K you’d have to go to their site though


I’d come down being I live in NY but… I’ll be too busy playing evolve…


Who’s got time for a party?
Gotta PLAY Evolve the 10th, 11th, … :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, sup barbosa!
Didn’t know you were actually planning to hold an event for Evolve’s release, great effort man & I hope it works out!


Good Luck :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! I really want to help produce a great show with a live stream too. Tagging them once again.
@MacMan @Chloe @DamJess


Its like the bat signal, only for the devs, also works like this: @MaddCow


I’m not Batman. I’m John Wayne.


See ? The evolve signal at its best !!


@SlabOMeat He’s a dev too. A dev with a cool beard.


Can I tag myself? Will I attract myself if I tag myself? @Unique


*Appears from smoke*

What do you want, puny mortal?
What have you called me out for?


You will pay for this.
In time, I will take away something you hold dear… something that you treasure deeply…

Your ‘Evolve’.


*Disappears into smoke*


Does anyone know if Evolve has LAN on Xbox One? Yeah, this is a super important question I over looked for this launch party.


No. System Link/Lan is not in the release.