NYC Evolve!


The marketing/PR for Evolve is in full effect in NYC’s Penn Station !


Ehh, could do with a little bit of a show of the monster and hunters, but whatever.


Awwwwww yissssssssss!


Never understood the purpose of such advertising. Those who might get interested already know about this game. Those who don’t - this banner shows very little information about what the heck is Evolve, and why should you choose your side.


Something like that is just meant to create awareness, not be informative – there are literally millions of people passing through Penn Station in a day. I agree, though, monster brow or other little tease would have made it a bit sexier.


Ooooh! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: That looks awesome!!


Yeah, Goliath’s face could raise more attention. He’s the symbol of Evolve.


Sad that this will be gone when I go to NYC in March


Do you guys have an official PC release time for next Tuesday?


It’s on 00:00 everywhere.


12am PST, 12 am EST ? both? Steam release time is approximating 1pm.

I have done a lot of searching and found nothing but conflicting answers. I don’t want to schedule a day off and then have to wait half a day to play


I’m pretty sure it’ll be midnight in your region.


Thank you very much ! :kissing_heart:


Wow, that’s… Some pretty big advertisements.
I went to my closets be games and then… The whole story had banners, hanging from the roof with evolve. I was literally speechless and I just wanted to cry but I couldn’t cause I don’t usually cry at all


Just saw this on facebook. Looks like they have trailers running and the awesome Tier 1 hunters vs Goliath poster hanging.


:grinning: Son of a bitch they did it! Well done turtle rock and 2K!!! :smile:


@Midnight w/ Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central: brought to you last night by EVOLVE.


I wonder what would happen if this advertisement spread to other places



12:01 bit weird tho it should be 12:00 (midnight)


You should change the monster at some time, so it actually “evolves” ;D