nVidia pls... new driver but


Well the new nvidia driver, with shiny evolve fixes and optimizations is out, version 347.52.

Of course, checking for updates and installing through GeForce Experience seems to completely break GE. GG, nVidia.

If you need the update really badly (SLI support, for example), I recommend installing directly from nVidia, I’ve been told that will work fine (I didn’t try yet, it’s bedtime for me).

Hope they solve this quickly, if they can get something together by Wednesday, I won’t even notice.

Nvidia Driver Info

manually installed, works flawless…

no idea about performance, was 120 rok solid before, still is


I still don’t get GE, in any case. The auto-update is better done via some RSS feed or anything really, the game optimization is absolutely unusable as the settings make no sense, and Shadowplay is a great concept if you’re still sitting on a single monitor but useless in dual+ monitor setups as it cannot properly support windowed games (can only permanently run on a whole desktop).


don’t get me wrong, i wish shadowplay could pick up windowed mode, but fullscreen is a small price to pay for such easy streaming that doesn’t cap my frame rate or cause dropped frames like everything else seems too. If you don’t use it, that’s cool, i just know i can’t be the only one who does.

And yes, the auto optimize is worse than useless, but it still has some nice features.