Nvidia GeForce Experience problem


Nvidia seem to be having problem with there new update.
i installed it and now NGE wont open properly
i read they are looking into it

check the comments in this link


that just kinda happens sometimes with nge unfortunately… this latest driver didn’t even come with a newer version of nge so i don’t know how they managed to break it. i’ve been really disappointed with the stability of it ever since i got my 780…

it’s a great app and really useful at times, but it’s just not very stable.

last time it happened to me i ended up having to uninstall and clean out my drivers and everything nvidia and reinstall fresh… really quite a pain. :\


Nvidia broke GE. There should be a new GE version 2.2.3 out now, it was released no more than a few hours ago.


it’s weird they don’t change version numbers from beta… 2.2.2 was beta a while ago, 2.2.3 as far as i know was the current beta and now it’s stable…

usually with their drivers the beta and stable are different versions.


I misread something. Might be a fix for the download instead, either way point is nVidia released the fix 8 hours ago.


I keep crashing…once a day with the nvidia drivers